Essays on Marketing Management - Outer Beauty Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Management - Outer Beauty" is a great example of a marketing case study.   Changes in the marketing function and operations have led to the emergence of new marketing perspectives and approaches recommendation in the market. One of the strategically recommended changes is the expansion of the marketing strategies elements. As Khan (2014) argued, currently, the marketing mix has its seven elements as price, product, promotion, place, people, process, and production. However, debates have emerged that the current features are unsatisfactory and do not represent the changing marketing dynamics in the global market.

The various marketing tools and aspects in the market are based on the fact that they play a significantly influential role in respective consumers’ decision-making process in the market. This has been the emerging debate on the role and contributions of a product packaging on the respective consumer's decision-making process. As such, the dynamics and proponents advocate for the incorporation and inclusion of the packaging element as an eighth in the marketing mix. In this regard, this essay offers an analysis of the reasons as to why the element should be incorporated as a marketing mix.

As such, the essay focuses on the merits of packaging as a marketing tool for the respective products. Marketing Promotion Function One of the strategic uses and application of packaging in products is the aspect of promotion in the market. Promotion can be described as the process through which a product seeks to influence consumers into purchasing a product. In particular, the product packaging aspect influences the consumers purchasing process. The process has five distinct stages namely need identification, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase and post-purchase stages respectively.

On its part, a product packaging process influences both the information search and the alternatives evaluation stages. Lamb, Hair and McDaniel (2012) argued that on one hand, under the information search stage, consumers seek to acquire information on a given product. In this regard, product packaging comes in hand. As such, the packaging offers information on such products ingredients and key components. Therefore, consumers can rely on the provided information to form informed conclusions and decision. In this regard, the richness of offered information and the objectivity and accuracy of such information makes it a viable consumer’ s information search source. On the other hand, the packaging aspect forms a critical aspect of the consumer's purchase decision in the process.

In this regard, besides the contents and features of the products, the packaging matters in terms of attraction to viable consumers. In this regard, it serves a crucial role to develop an appeal to the consumers. This can be evidenced in the Disney world products. In this regard, the products mainly target the young population in the market.

As such, Danielson (2001) stated that the products have developed an appealing packaging that attracts the young population. Consequently, besides the presence of competing for product features in the market, Disney products packaging have over the years influenced consumers purchasing decisions, thus forming a critical component of the products increased sales and market growth in the industry. Therefore, this analysis, evidences that indeed, the adopted packaging has an influence not only on a consumers information search in their decision-making process, but also on their actual decision making on purchasing.

Therefore, the analysis develops the justification that indeed packaging plays a crucial marketing function thus the justification of the argument and need for its inclusion as the eighth marketing mix element for products into the future.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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