Essays on Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance of Corn Flakes Case Study

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The paper "Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance of Corn Flakes" is a great example of a case study on marketing. The measurement and interpretation of brand performance are of paramount importance to any brand manager. This is because it helps them know how well the brand is performing in the market and hence undertake successful brand management. Brand performance measurement and interpretation involve a number of issues including measurement of brand awareness, brand salience, brand loyalty brand value perceptions, brand market share among other metrics. This paper is aimed at measuring and interpreting Corn Flakes brand performance in comparison to its competition.

In this regard, three issues are observed including brand performance, awareness, and salience as well as demographics and segmentation (Harold, 2002). The brand performance metrics analyzed include market share, penetration, average purchase frequency, category buying rate, and share of category requirements as well as sole loyalty. In this regard, Corn Flakes emerge as the best brand in terms of brand performance. The brand is also observed to be the most salient brand in the market. However, the brand does not show any significant differences in terms of its customer profile as far as demographics and segmentation is concerned.

The paper also recommends a market strategy that will not only focus on heavy customers but that which strives to ensure the company increases its penetration and market share and hence sales. as such, light buyers are considered the most important in increasing the number of customers for the brand. Brand Performance Differences and patterns between competing brands The different brands have been observed to have different levels of market shares. Corn Flakes has the largest market share at 37 percent.

This implies that Corn Flakes owns approximately 37% of the entire market. It is followed by Weetbix at 24 percent, special K at 19 percent and Cheerios at 14 percent in that order. Just right has the least market share at 5.3 percent. Corn Flakes has also achieved the highest market penetration levels at 73%. This implies that 73 out of every one hundred customers have bought/buy Corn Flakes. Weetbix has achieved the second-highest market penetration at 50%. It is followed by Special K at 44% and Cheerios at 40%.

Just right has achieved the smallest level of market penetration at 21%. Corn Flakes also has the highest average purchase frequency at 2.3 times. This implies that each of the 51 customers who bought Corn Flakes bought it for 2.3 times within the period under consideration (Uncles and Wright, 2004). It is closely followed by Weetbix at 2.2, special K at 2 and Cheerios at 1.6 while Just Right has the lowest average purchase frequency of 1.1. This implies that Corn Flakes is bought most frequently by customers. Corn Flakes has the lowest category buying rate at 5.4 implying that buyers buy from the category at least 5 times.

On the other hand, Just Right has the highest category buying rate at 8.5 times.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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