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Part There is market potential and market growth for an organic frozen food product launch in Manitoba, Canada and California. The huge cosmopolitan flavors of these three places are highly sensitive to the cause of environmental degradation and devastating impact of pesticides that destroy the basic nourishment of the food. The organically produced food help preserve the essential nutrients of the same and therefore, people are increasing preferring organic food products. The conservation and preservation of natural resources are important part of population dynamics as its sustenance depends on the available resources.

The organic farming is intrinsically linked to the issue of sustainable development which helps to maintain the ecosystem and facilitates a continuous supply of natural resources like water, clean air, energy and food with proper waste disposal system. Another major reason for burgeoning market for organic food is that it greatly facilitates good health and promotes general well being of the population. The intake of organic food acts as a preventive measure for the increasing lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc. which have become a bane for the contemporary society.

Organic food meets the changing requirements of the population who have become disenchanted with the high calorie fast food. The organic farmed animals are healthier because no antibiotics, growth hormones or any other dangerous chemicals are used while rearing them. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian organic farming promotes environmental conservations through recycling process that nourishes the earth rather than eroding the soil and destroying the environment. Hence, it can be concluded that organic food has great market potential. (258) Part 1 Marketing Objective Strategic marketing plans are crucial part of promoting products and services of an organization.

The market plans are focused around 4Ps (product, prices, place and promotion) and a good market strategy always takes these points on a priority basis. As marketing primarily deals into products and services that benefit people in some way or the other, people become the most important factor in the market strategies. Shultz say that it is the end-users who now control the markets rather than the marketers (Shultz, 2001). As a good marketer, the key objective would be to exploit the personal preferences of the target group to influence their behavior as a consumer of the organic food that one wishes to sell.

Market Strategy In an industry which has wide scope and opportunities, it is very important that the firm must strive to have a definite and advantageous position within the industry. ‘Brand building is needed because products are the same’ (Kotler, 2005). The firm would be comprehensively using various media for the promotion of its products and creating brands. As suggested by Michael Porter (1980), the firm would use cost advantage and differentiation as its market initiatives.

It would be using mixed segmentation primarily because it is hugely popular in the contemporary times and gives a big leverage to the companies to plan its market strategy in a more flexible manner and successfully introduce their products in a new market. The firm would also be focusing on retail distribution and franchising of its various products so as to meet its business objectives. Through retailing within and outside the defined regions, the firm would be able to create a niche market for its various organic products.

(284) Reference Kotler, Philip. (2005). Toward Stronger Marketing. unpublished presentation to the ARF, “Future of Advertising” Conference, Chicago, 10.24.05. Porter, Michael, E.(June 1, 1980). Competitive Strategy: Techniques for analyzing industries and competitors. NY: Free Press 1998. Shultz, Don E. Bid Farewell Strategy based on old 4Ps. Marketing news; Feb 12, 2001; 35,4; ABI/INFORM Global. p 7.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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