Essays on Marketing Plan for the Aussie Pooch Mobile Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Plan for the Aussie Pooch Mobile " is a great example of a marketing case study.   The government has shown great consideration and support for the welfare of dogs and cats and other home pets through the Companions Animal Act. The act requires that the owner of a cat or dog or any other pet be responsible for looking after the animal's basic needs at all times. The owner is required to provide the animal with food, which should be a balanced diet at all times. The owner is also responsible for making sure that the animal is clean at all times and is provided with a comfortable place to stay.

The law also states that the animal should also be given the opportunity to socialize and exercise therefore there is a great need for the animal to be clean because most of these happen in public places. The health of the dog is also a concern to the government as it states that every animal has the right to be taken to regular visits to the veterinary for checkups, worming and tick and flea removal and treatment.

Aussie Pooch Mobile already offers flea and tick treatment as part of its services thus the law supports the activities of the company. Social-cultural The Australian culture has been for the past 20 years been re-defined leading to new emerging patterns and attitudes that have greatly supported the need for an animal companion such as a cat or a dog. The change in attitudes and patterns has been caused by the rapid change in the political environment, technological changes, economic and cultural changes (Barbara 2010).

Examples of the changes in the Australian way of life include the change in the institution of marriage due to the increase in divorce rates. Young people are increasingly becoming more against marriages. They have negative attitudes about the institution. The change in the size of the households is also a recent cultural change. The Australian people now prefer smaller households with 50% of the households now having one or two people and 30% containing only a single adult lacking any children. There is also a great change in work and leisure due to the rise in unemployment rates caused by both voluntary and involuntary unemployment.

The influence on class culture and the economic uncertainty and insecurity has also greatly affected the culture of the suburban Australian community. They fear that recession will persist and the economy will not bounce back to better conditions. These changes in culture and even social values have placed more importance on pet ownership. Most Australians now value the role of pets in their lives in eliminating the conditions of stress and loneliness. Thus most Australians are adopting animals such as cats and dogs as companions in their homes.

This condition is favorable for Aussie Pooch Mobile as the vast numbers of people owning pets are concerned about the cleanliness and overall welfare of their animals. Technology The Aussie Pooch Mobile has employed the latest technology in cleaning and treating its dogs. They currently use Hydrobath technology in cleaning its dogs. The Hydrobath is an efficient technology that cleans the dog through spraying water over the animal via the use of a showerhead. The technology is very cost-effective because it only uses 20 litres of water and also water is collected on the same bath, filtered, heated and then pumped back to continue washing the animal.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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