Essays on Marketing Plan for Nokia C Series Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Plan for Nokia C Series" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Nokia is in the mobile handset business and has grown and established its network over different places. The company has been able to spread its network over the world and has enabled itself to be one of the handset providers in the world. The report looks into the internal and external environmental analysis of Nokia C Series and looks to present the different areas they need to work on in the future. Identifying the market potential and the growing size of the population has enabled Nokia C Series to spread its wing.

The report also looks into the customer analysis by finding out the customer base and areas they need to work so that they are able to provide quality service. The report finally dwells on the SWOT analysis which looks into the strengths and weakness of the company and then tries to present the areas they need to work upon to improve the performance of the company. The report thereby helps to identify the areas that the Nokia C Series needs to work upon and the manner in which it will be able to grow its brand name and establish itself as a better service provider. Introduction Nokia leads in the mobile phone industry and has been able to maintain a sustainable advantage by ensuring quality products and timely services.

The company has adopted the philosophy of being flexible which has ensured that they are able to change its services according to the requirements of a country and culture. This has helped Nokia to ensure that they provide different variety of phones for the customer to choose from which is evident from the launch of the Nokia C Series which is a Dual Sim card phone. Purpose of the Report To identify the internal analysis which will help to look into the marketing strategies adopted by Nokia C Series To identify the effects of the external environment on the working of the Nokia C Series To identify the customer and competitors which will help to identify the areas to be worked upon To arrive at a SWOT analysis highlighting areas which will help the restaurant to grow their business To conduct a marketing strategy for Nokia C Series so that better strategies for the future can be crafted. Product Overview Nokia C Series phone is one of the variants of mobile phone launched by Nokia which has dual sim along with different features available on most phones.

The company has ensured that the dual feature helps customers at the same time ensured music and other features like surfing which the customers are on a lookout for thereby ensuring that the phone meets most of the customer requirements. Situational Analysis The situational analysis helps to identify the internal strengths and areas where Nokia C Series is working upon.

Working upon those areas will help to ensure better delivery of services and satisfaction of customer desires. External Environmental Analysis The PESTEL analysis of Nokia C Series will help to explain how these factors have been included in the marketing strategies. It will also throw light on the effectiveness of the marketing concepts and theories that have helped Nokia.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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