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The paper "Marketing Plan for iPad" is a brilliant example of a case study on marketing.   Apple Inc. is one of the renowned global companies in the information and technology industry. The company is known for its innovative products a fact that has made it it's brand name strong in the market. In addition, Apple’ s products are often considered simple and easy to use. The company basically targets high-income earners since the prices for its products are normally considered high compared to the substitutes offered by its competitors. In the world today, the youth are considered to be the wealthiest and thus Apple seeks to target the youths.

However, the company’ s pricing strategy seems to be a major weakness since the high prices keep off some of its potential customers. The company faces stiff competition from Dell and Microsoft, considering the fact that these companies offer cheaper substitutes in the market, and thus there is the likelihood that the company could achieve higher sales if it charged affordable prices. It is also important to note that the company develops marketing objectives that guide the marketing process of its products, in aim to attain the company’ s vision.

For instance, the company seeks to attain an increase in the company’ s revenue by 20 percent at the end of one financial year. 1.0 Introduction Previously known as Apple Computer, Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation that is based in America that designs and sells computer software, personal computers, and consumer electronics. The company was established in 1976 and has developed to be the global leader in the technology and telecommunications industry. It has an estimated annual revenue of approximately $60 billion, which is attributed to the company’ s distinctive marketing and advertising campaigns and its well-established brand name (Erick, 2009).

Apple Inc. 's vision is to become a global leader in the consumer electronics industry. It is the CEO’ s dream that comes 2020, every desk will have an Apple computer. Its mission is to continue producing revolutionary and innovative products to its consumers such as iPhone, iPads, and iPods. 2.0 Situation analysis 2.1 Internal analysis Apple Inc. is always known for its innovative products, designing and introducing products such as the iPad and the iMac.

The company’ s brand name is well established in the global markets and it is often associated with user-friendly and easy to use products (Barnett, 2008). This has also enabled the company to expand its global appearance, which has made it develop relationships with some external contract manufacturers. An important aspect about Apple is that it always emphasizes on the development of user-friendly computers, an aspect that has created brand loyalty from its customers. Apple basically targets the high-income earners as they produce products that are distinct and considered high in technology.

However, it is certain that many young people are tending to be wealthier than the older generation.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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