Essays on Why Marketing Concept Has Been Incorporated at Savoy Hotels and Resorts Miami Beach Florida Case Study

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The paper “ Why Marketing Concept Has Been Incorporated at Savoy Hotels and Resorts Miami Beach Florida? ” is a  thoughtful variant of case study on marketing. The previous studies on the implementation of the marketing concept in various firms show that most of the businesses have been much unwilling when it came to the idea of embracing the concept of marketing while obtaining the stated goals and objectives of an organization. However, past analysis into the idea of adopting the concept of marketing by hospitality organizations has always been limited in providing a comprehensive evaluation of understanding how intensively do various firms accept and utilize the concept of marketing while doing their daily and organizational functions. Adoption of the Marketing ConceptThe notion on the concept of marketing has determined to still lacking behind in most of the managers, especially those never had a chance to attend a formal marketing training; therefore, it is possible that a wide range of businesses enterprises is implementing the concept of marketing without being aware or consciously inclined towards the concept.

Even though every description of the marketing concept within different hospitality organizations has different shortcomings, the classification of the marketing concept and its application by organizations, as put by Kotler, Adam, Brown, and Armstrong (2006, 72), accomplishes the expanding of the conception about consumer-need satisfaction.

Through his mode of thinking and defining, Houston shows that an entity is supposed to accomplish its own exchange-determined goals and objectives most efficiently. Such achievement is supposed to be realized through a systematic appreciation of different potential exchange partners and their needs and wants; through a thorough acceptance of the existing costs that are associated with satisfaction of the identified needs and wants; and finally through the process of designing, producing, and eventually offering products within the light of this consideration.

Therefore, this is a classification of the market concept application that significantly gives emphasis to the need to reveal customer needs and wants, and resourcefully produce better goods and services for the market (Stanton, Miller, & Layton, 1994, p. 102). Application of Marketing Concept in Savoy Hotels and Resorts Miami Beach FloridaIn the run to understand the application of the marketing concept in the organization’ s operations, there are a number of questions that should be answered.

This has to do with what philosophy is supposed to be guiding an organization towards its marketing efforts; and what relative weights are supposed to be provided especially towards the interests of the organization, the product and service consumers, and the society at large. There a number of competing concepts under which Savoy Hotels and Resorts Miami Beach Florida has conducted its marketing activities, concepts that cannot be separated from each other when the main focus is on customer satisfaction.

They include: The concept of production The concept of selling The concept of marketing The concept of productionThrough this concept, the hotels have been successful in their marketing strategies because of the following reasons. Products widely available and inexpensive are most preferred by consumers. Managers should be focusing on the concept of realizing high production efficiency, mass production, and low costs products and services. The assumption by the managers about the idea that consumers are mainly interested in the availability of products and their affordability. The application of orientation will make sense in circumstances where consumers are willing to obtain the basic product and services.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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