Essays on Marketing Innovation Strategy And Marketing Performance Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Innovation Strategy And Marketing Performance" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. Blackmore is a leading healthy and nutritious drinks producer that consistently introduces varieties of healthy beverages. This report is a marketing plan for the new product, Aloe and White grape which will be a healthy beverage targeting the family-oriented market segment. This plan includes details of the company and the new product. It discusses the competitors as well as the strategies that will be formulated for the success of the new product.

The plan also includes the pricing strategy that Blackmore will use about the competitors. The marketing plan concludes with a summary of what has been discussed. Blackmores is a leading natural health company in Australia. The firm offers a variety of selections of pure natural beverages that range from fresh juice to energy drinks. The company is driven by the vision of the founder, Maurice Blackmore of being passionate about natural health. The vision of the company is to inspire people to take charge of their wellbeing and invest in a healthy lifestyle.

The company is fully aware of the customer needs and lifestyle and provides products and services that deliver a natural approach to their health. The company’ s sufficient expertise in vitamins, herbs, and nutrients makes the development of health solutions meet the customer’ s expectations. New Product Introduction and Description Aloe and White's grade is another product for Blackmore's soda pop for the Australian families who need a crisp, characterized with healthy juice with the vitamin. Aloe & White Grape drinks that would be suitable in meeting the health-related benefits that consumers need. The drink is not like other soda pop brands that are centered on sustenance and Vitamin.

Aloe and White Grape contain mash and vitamin H, no added sugar or additives. The drink will have various healthy characteristics desired by consumers. The new lid-bran new-lid structure will protect customers; vitamin C will promote amino acid which has tryptophan’ s metabolism, less sugar, and Low calcium among other benefits. The drink has inspirational health benefits for its users. Aloe & White Grape drink will be packaged in recyclable bottles that hold 300 ml, display the brand’ s name, fun related facts, and the nutrition benefits of the drink. Marketing Goals/Objectives Blackmores implements the SMART goals strategy in formulating the marketing objectives for Aloe & White grapes drinks • Have the product testing done and prepared for 1/1/2016 • Offer approximately 15, 000 units in a year • Accomplish a 30% market share in the beverage industry within a year • Jointly work with real stores such as Coles and Woolworths for item dispatch by Dec 2016 • To accomplish a 90% product mindfulness in the business sector within 8Months • Have 75% of the objective achieved within 12 months. Situation Analysis Food and drinks make part of the life of Australians.

With a diverse population, a different segment demands different products. Drinks are important components of meals within Australia. Without the drinks, the meals are incomplete. When it comes to a proper and nutritious meal, there is intense competition among the Beverage Company and drinks. There is a need for Blackmore to make changes to the product portfolio to compete effectively in the intense market.


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