Essays on Marketing Strategies - Pauls Organic Full Cream Milk Case Study

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The paper 'Marketing Strategies - Pauls Organic Full Cream Milk" is a good example of a marketing case study. The key aim of this report is to examine the marketing strategies employed by Parmalat Australia Ltd to market Pauls's full cream milk. Pauls Full Cream Milk is a natural tasting and unhomogenized milk that is suitable for the whole family.   This dairy product is a rich source of vitamins, protein and minerals and is available in both fresh and long life packs in different quantities (Parmalat 2012). Basically, Pauls Full Cream Milk is a dairy product under the brand name “ Pauls Milk” that is currently owned, produced and marketed by Parmalat Australia Limited.

Pauls milk was founded in 1923 and has over time been under different company names namely; Queensland United Foods Ltd, Pauls Ice Cream & Milk Ltd and Pauls Limited respectively. In 1998, Pauls Milk under Pauls Limited was bought by Parmalat Australia. Currently, Pauls Milk is a brand under Parmalat Australia Ltd. Over time, Pauls Milk as a brand has evolved to incorporate a wide range of dairy products.

Some of the key dairy products under the Pauls Milk brand include; Pauls full cream milk, Pauls buttermilk, Pauls goat milk, Pauls skinny milk, Pauls trim, Pauls zymil, yoghurts and creams (Loscam 2007; Parmalat 2012b). In this report, the focus will be on Parmalat Australia’ s marketing strategies in relation to Pauls full cream milk. Foremost, this report will critically examine the marketing strategies used to market this diary product in relation to ‘ Segmentation’ , ‘ Targeting’ , ‘ Differentiation’ and ‘ Positioning’ of the product. Moreover, this report will recommend an integrated marketing mix for Parmalat Australia Ltd with regards to the 7P’ s; product, place, promotion, price, process, physical evidence and process.

Parmalat Australia’ s marketing strategies will be the key focus in this report mainly because the company has a strong brand equity and presence in the market. This report will seek to highlight the marketing strategies that the company uses in order to maintain a strong presence in the market. Moreover, this report will focus on Pauls full cream milk because it is one of the most purchased dairy products that are produced and marketed by Parmalat Australia (Parmalat 2012b).


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