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The paper "AAC Spain Marketing Strategies" is a good example of a marketing case study. AAC Spain enjoys an open path that is consolidated for the purpose of serving the Spanish and Portuguese markets. The firm’ s central location is set to ease logistics for the parent company in China for the entire European market as a whole. This is set to ensure that the company is able to implement its overall strategy of providing a rather comprehensive service in the course of selling products. It is important to note that AAC Spain strives to apply strategies that focus on enabling efficiencies in matters related to both logistics and distribution as well as lead the way in coming up with innovative ways of air conditioners production process. Weaknesses: AAC air conditioning products can only function during cold periods thereby limiting its operability. The company can only integrate the air conditioners with a heating system and at an increased price thereby proving more unrealistic to most of the potential customers. Threats There is a possibility that in the case of poor sales, AC Spain could experience intensive business dynamics and an increase in the cost of operations thereby resulting in the high related cost of distribution in the dealer channel. There has been the arrival of new air conditioning brands that rival AAC Spain distribution patterns since 2001. The Market has continued to make losses and it is still experiencing redundant growth. Opportunities: Considering the company’ s level of innovativeness, it can improve on its product quality to ensure that it covers most of the seasons. To overcome the redundant market growth, there is an opportunity to incorporate effective business strategies that should focus on popularizing air conditioning with end consumers like the current new cars that have been integrated with articles of air conditioning within most, if not all, of the work centers. There is an opportunity to engage extensive advertising campaigns for purposes of invoking authentic buying behaviors. The company can use its already established brand to gain even more market share in Spain.

It should leverage on the reputation of its well-known parent company in China to garner customer trust on matters quality. 2: Positioning AAC Spain against Competitors Sans sets to position the AAC Spain well and above its rivals in both Spanish and Portuguese markets through adoption of a marketing strategy that would allow for easier market penetration through formulation and sustenance of relationships with both the local distributors and installers as well. The company seeks to conduct a sales platform through both local channels distributors and the installers.

It seeks to focus on a sales policy that would foster communication through campaigns and commercials with a greater level of resources especially in such areas as Valencia Madrid among others. In Zone B; which are areas considered to be under-served, it will conduct minimal campaigns and commercials. For communication purposes to both distributors and installers; the company seeks to develop manual in Spanish; create a web page; development of the network of TSS training among other functionalities. To counter the different rival brands in the market; AAC Spain should come up with more than 84 range of air conditioning equipment that should be distinguished by such aspects as a model; power, and cold.

Some of these notable products can include; Split wall, Calibri, AAC 200; Mega; Cassette Roof amongst others.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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