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    The paper "Effects of Message Modality and Appeal on Advertising Acceptance " Is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. The majority of these residents have families of around five members each. This boom is a result of the urban migration of the middle-class group. According to the City Growth Pan conducted recently, it is anticipated that the population will increase in the next three years. This is because of the high opportunities in urban areas with the stability of the economy. This calls for additional food shops to meet the growing demands.

In the past few months, several city residents have been seen roaming around pizzeria shops adjacent to bus stations. This has been an inconvenience to many people because of the long queues of serving. This is a driving force for more restaurants and food shops in the area. Product strategy (Chapter 7) Haco tiger's main product is dry cells which are among the products or brands that came into the market recently. Being the latest, the company strive at ensuring that its supply and the supply of other Haco product market expands through the development of product portfolio, The expected product is the durability and the power rate of dry cells which ensures that the user enjoys its long term usage and reliability whose power content is almost merging rechargeable batteries.

These batteries have proven to be superior to any other battery in the market and it is manufactured using the state of the art technology to ensure utmost safety. The company’ s augmented product is its safety and product packaging. The product is manufactured in ways that ensure that the life of the users is not endangered in any way.

The main target market is the local people who have a great desire for a family-oriented and comfortable atmosphere for a dine-in pizzeria. Nevertheless, the secondary target market is pizza delivery to other industries. The town and its environs have a growing population of middle-class people of about 10000 residents. The Haco batteries are available in the following categories Large size used in radio Medium size used in the spotlight Relative size used in small electronic gadgets like television remote control Small size used in wall watches and cameras. The features of the augmented product enable product differentiation during marketing the durability of the Haco product gives the company a competitive advantage Pricing strategy Objectives of pricing The key Haco battery pricing objective is to classify its product as superior quality in among all the other batteries while its durability and quality are the secondary pricing objectives.

Durability pricing enables the company to continually survive the market and competitive dynamics. Methods of pricing The product positioning objectives are achieved via prestige pricing. The company provides three-five varieties of the battery.

The large, medium, relative size and the small. It also comes in different models which is the basis of differentiating the prices. The difference in prices implies quality superiority. The product prices are also influenced by the demand whereby the prices are raised when the product demand is high but is accompanied by a discount when the customer buys in bulk. Competitive consideration The product is experiencing a monopolistic competition since there are other companies offering the same product. There are other companies such as tiger brand, Eveready and Dumas. The company has to use product differentiation so that it achieves competitive advantage in the market. Promotion strategy Promotion objectives The objective of the product promotion include; Raising product awareness in different places to achieve a 90% target market in the next three months Creating a trendy and healthy brand image for the target customers To raise the preference of the brand among 50% of the target market in the next three months To create built positive publicity about the product among the country’ s consumers via intensive public relations. Promotion mix There are various types of advertisements that business organizations can use to reach out to their intended customers.

All these methods have the sole intention of getting the most return on the investment (ROI). These various types of online advertisement that guarantees a boost to a business organization. The most prevalent types of marketing online advertisement include: Smartphone-based advertisement With the introduction of Smartphone and tablet computers, there are applications that have been developed to provide dedicated advertisement services. The application runs on both smartphone and tablet computers. Mobile technology enables business organizations to gain an unprecedented standard of networking between vendors and customers. Customers are provided with applications from the internet which are downloadable and can ensure effective communication.

The application is also linked with social media like Twitter, Facebook so that the adverts are integrated into the social media pages. These applications ensure direct and two-way communication between the different audiences. Real-time communication between the vendors and the customer is a vital thing in business. In fact, it is the ultimate way of ensuring that business benefits like improved, use of staff time efficiently and a wider range of services and products delivered to the customers. The services provided via Mobile phones or the internet can bring about development.

This is basically as a result of effective information sharing, interactivity and instant feedback on products and services via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The accessibility and speed leads to speedy development and research in the company. This is the basis of a business organization to remain ahead of the competitors. The mobile technology also brings enhances product and service upgrading (Sheehan, 2001). The customers also feel that the business organization values them when there is constant communication with them.

They feel that they have a role in the development of products and services. Distribution The company will use selective distribution where the product is supplied according to the market segment. The camera and the watch batteries will be supplied to institutions or schools where media courses are offered. The batteries for the spotlight are supplied to places where they experience frequent power. In addition, the product prices will differ according to the distribution stores whereby the prices in high-class society will be relatively high compared to normal stores.

The distribution will also change depending on the number of product units sold in a given period. This implies that the distribution will be increased in stores where they sales the highest number of units in a given time. Implementation   Once the attention of the audience is identified, it is critical that you make the message clear and precise. The succeeding steps that the potential customers need to take after getting the message should also be considered. The message displayed should clearly and simply guide the potential customer to the next step.

For instance, an ad of a website should give the option for the next step such as making an order, entering the phone number or activating the Bluetooth. The product or the service offered should be made simple and obvious. In addition, ensure that it is very simple for the customer to achieve the goal (Liu & Stout, 2007). Generally, how appealing the message is determining the speed at which a new product penetrates the market. The clarity and simplicity of the message are crucial. Transactional emails These are emails that are initiated based on the engagement that the customer has with the business organization.

Some of the messages which are forward through transactional messages are purchase, dropped basket receipt and order confirmation. The sole purpose of a transactional electronic mail is to forward the information concerning the action that initiated the process. The idea came about as a result of escalated cost of email newsletters (Pavlov, Melville, & Plice, 2008). The emails are used to built rapport with the customers and solicit suggestions and questions from the customers. The services are mostly offered by the vendors which deal with email newsletter software, giving the business organization an opportunity if integrating advertising messages in the transaction mails.

Other software companies have specialized in offering state of the art marketing services for transactional emails. Such services include facilitating personalized and targeted transaction messages in addition to the customer referral marketing campaign (Raulas & Merisavo, 2003). These are responses which a company forwards every time a new subscriber subscribes for the mail. The mail is meant to create a first sight impression on the company’ s email marketing system.

The email is the best tool to built trust and credibility, and promote the company’ s brand. The study conducted in 2012 revealed that there has been less initiative by most companies in Australia to sent welcome emails to their customers. Estimated budget Table 1: Budget for 2016   Production Media Total Print       Magazine advertisements 20 000 35 000 55 000 Magazine competitions 15 000 20 000 35 000 online       online advertisements   100 000 100 000 Sponsorship Event 10 000 20 000 30 000 Point of sale       Billboard Display 10 000 15 000 25 000 Samples     5 000 Incentives     10 000 Social  media       Maintaining social media sites 60 000   60 000 Google Adwords   10 000 10 000 Contingency     15 000 Total     4200 000 Evaluation To ensure the effective marketing campaign of the Haco tiger brand, the company will heavily rely on continuous review of the strategy and solicit feedback regularly.

All the marketing aspects like sales, advertisement methods, and the objectives will be reviewed regularly. Conclusion/Future recommendations The impact of the customer’ s practical and emotional needs is a fundamental thing when it comes to marketing. A message theme should be able to strike the emotional chord of a large population. This is what the con-artist has applied to create an effective mind-reading illusion. The same can be applied in marketing so that the message not only strikes the person but also generates interest among a large group of audience.

The most prevalent themes include money, dreams, careers, hopes, and love. The impact is also determined by how appealing the product itself is. The ads for products that are not many appealing needs requires approaches that are more practical. Practical adverts focus more on the benefits and features of the product. Though it might not be very exciting like the emotive subjects, correct and effective execution will equally attract customers (Stafford & Day 2005).  


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