Essays on Marketing Strategy for HSBC Bank Company Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Strategy for HSBC Bank Company" is an amazing example of a case study on marketing. PESTLE analysis is the investigation of the external macro-environment including the factors that affect the business. These factors may be political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors. Such are the factors that cannot be controlled by the business firm and sometimes they become a threat to the operations of the business. These macro-environmental factors vary from one country to another and they should, therefore, be investigated in all the countries that the firm has interest in.

In marketing, the analysis of the macro-environment is very important since it is not advisable for a firm to begin its investments in a country before it is informed of the possible effect the country may have on the business. Political factors are the government policies that will have an impact on the business. The government may affect a firm through business subsidy and the type of goods and services that the government wants to provide. Such decisions are made politically and have much political influence on their implementation.

Political decisions may also impact the education of the workers in a firm and the quality of the infrastructure system. Economic factors include exchange rates, taxes, inflation, and interest rates. The economic status of a country may affect the economic decisions of a firm. For example, high-interest rates may hinder borrowing, inflation may lead to higher salary demand for the employees, a high exchange rate may make exporting and importing difficult, and higher economic growth may widen the market for the firm’ s products. Social changes may also affect the demand for the firm’ s product.

When the lifestyle of people changes, their demand for certain products also change. Technological changes also affect the type of products. A firm has to keep updating its technological knowhow to fit in the market. Technological changes also increase the market competition since the buyers also want to go for new technologies. Environments factors such as weather and climate changes affect the demand for the firm’ s products. The needs of the buyers vary according to the climate. What is required during the hot season is different from what is needed during the cold season?

Legal factors concerning the operations of the firm are also very important. Any firm has to conform to the legal environment in which it operates. This report looks at the macro environment analysis of the HSBC Bank Company. This is a financial institution and is on the verge of influence by the macro environment. HSBC has branches in many countries in Europe which have different economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors. The report, therefore, looks at the macro-environment issues that face HSCB and its SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) that helps it to survive in the macro-environment issues it is faced with.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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