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Objective of the researchIdentify the potential the beverage market hasIdentifying the preference of different age group towards different drinks like alcohol, soft drinks, tea, coffee and juices. Identifying the potential market where drinks R us can launch itself with a new variant. SWOT AnalysisThe SWOT analysis of Drinks R Us will help to identify the areas where the company can work and strengthen itself into a better player. StrengthsSatisfies customer needs of thirst which is a basic needLarge market and increasing customer base due to population growthVariety of flavours and packaging’s suiting all customer needsWeaknessLimited shelf life there by making the product become unfit for consumptionBrand power require to market the product pushing the cost to riseOpportunitiesHuge potential in the alcoholic segment as there is a upward trend and people are preferring it. Opportunity to launch variant in the soft drink market along with a health drinkOpportunity to tap the coffee, tea market as it is growing. ThreatsHigh distribution costHealth issue surrounding the beverage industryTarget MarketDrinks R Us is aimed at “teenagers who are mostly male in the younger age group”.

(Helm, 2005) With stiff competition “especially with more than hundreds local player deciding the target market was based on strategy followed by others”.

(Helm, 2005) Drinks R Us is a drink which will go well with the younger generation. The drink has been made in such a way it matches their taste. We also intend to launch variations of it in the same segment. This will “offer something for every customer depending on the want”. (Helm, 2005) MarketingTo market Drinks R Us drink we are looking to create brand awareness. In the beginning “we will advertise the product through in stores promotion”.

(Bristow and Frankwick, 1994) We plan to do away with “television commercial in the beginning considering the high cost involved” (Helm, 2005) as the company is willing to spend $2000. This will be the second step in our marketing. In the beginning we plan to market through “advertisement through news paper, hoardings and distribution of pamphlets”. (Bristow and Frankwick, 1994) we intend to tie with super markets and advertise there. The main aim here is to make people know about Drinks R Us.

In stores promos and special road shows will help to attract customer. We decided to implement this as “there is stiff competition and the huge cost involved will put extra pressure which will hamper the growth path”. (Helm, 2005) This strategy will give us a path and help to move ahead. PackagingDrinks R Us will be sold in pet bottles. We intent to sell it in bottles of 300 ml, 500 ml and 100ml. This falls in line with most of the other providers. We also plan to heave a sticker to give the brand a presence.

This will help us create awareness. (Brand, 2003) The packaging will ensure that it is handy. At the same time it will ensure that the bottle doesn’t break in case of mishandling. We used this strategy as it will give us a presence and make it handy for the customers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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