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Essays on Marriott International's Stages of Economic Cycle, Channels in Employee Recruiting, Marketing Strategy and Competitive Advantage Case Study

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The paper “ Marriott International’ s Stages of Economic Cycle, Channels in Employee Recruiting, Marketing Strategy and Competitive Advantage” is a  perfect version of a case study on business. This report aims at showing an in-depth examination of how the prevailing global economic and political conditions may affect the wellbeing of Marriott International’ s current and future strategic situation. The objective is to demonstrate and evaluate information on the organization’ s current and future strategic management concepts, ideas, theories and comprehending a brief understanding of its strategic situation and direction so that they stipulate the feature of the strategic directive the goal that the existing planning cycle will focus on.

The rapid increase of Marriott International is in line with the fast-growing economy of hospitality industry, especially, after its entry global market mainly through successful market analysis. Prevailing global economic conditionsThe economic downturn is one of the four stages that make an economic cycle. It is a time when an economy starts leaving the boom and start moving down the cycle to the recession. The economic downturn is a situation that is faced by many countries in the world.

A country like Russia is faced with an economic downturn. This is evident in the situation that is faced by the Moscow theatre due to the cutting of the budget. It has called off the opera premier and a ballet tour of Mexico. Around the whole world, countries have been threatened by the experience of the economic downturn (Jones 1991). Countries like Ireland, Spain and South Africa have experienced their real estate prices going down. In addition, the collapse of U. S. automakers has brought a tremendous effect to plants in Canada, Mexico, and Germany.

The condition has affected many global corporations, forcing some to shut down their activities. The international monetary fund has made a prediction that this is the first time that the whole worldwide economy will contract. There is fear in the whole world that there will be no more new productions. This is highly influenced by the increase in oil and gas prices that have risen and affected the economies of the whole world. The country had canceled productions before because we were not satisfied with the artistic value.

Productions in the theatre, as well as the hospitality industry around the world, have been canceled due to the financial crisis. This is as a result of a swift economic disorder that is hitting hard to the national standards. It is difficult for Russia to cope with the prices of oil that are going up every day and the popular Book berry bookstores are going insolvent. Human resource aspectsMarriott International, labor contracts were introduced since its incorporation was among the reforms that were experimented in different regions and were found out to be more efficient.

This let to immediate replacement of conventional centralized labor allocation system. Throughout the experimental phase, a greater number of company’ s branches were given a higher degree of autonomy in managing their business operations and were also seized answerable for their personal returns or losses. In 1995 a Labor Act was amended which formalized the current labor agreement system. Under the new law, all employees regardless of their employers’ status were to be hired on a contract basis. Since that time, a formal centralized designed employment has been increasingly changed Marriott International into a further market-oriented, widespread labor contract structure this has promoted its business operation.        

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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