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The paper "Could Babatunde Have Avoided the Conflict at Vidsoft" is a perfect example of a business assignment.   Employee personalities play a very important role in the achievement of the goals of an organization. Organizational behavior studies postulate that most of the problems in an organization are caused by the leader’ s inability to map correctly the employee’ s personality traits. If it’ s not this, then it’ s the inability of the manager or the leader to take appropriate action when a certain personality begins to manifest negatively (Miner 2005, pp. 47). Indecisiveness in a manager is intolerable because it creates a host of problems that can actually destroy an organization. The conflict in Vidsoft, with all its characteristics of a catch 22 situation is controllable.

This is because it is more of a personality problem than an organizational problem. This is not to deny the fact that it has escalated and mutated into an ugly monster that threatens the moral and employee trust in Vidsoft. Looking at it from the organizational behavior lens, one can see the management loopholes that have created this monster in an otherwise stable department.

Emotions have played havoc in this scenario and an emotionally adept manager can salvage the situation and resolve the conflict. Or to put it otherwise, the unfortunate situation could have been prevented in the first place (Miner 2005, pp. 47). Babatunde could have prevented the conflict that arose in his department. He could have done this by acknowledging the different personalities that are clashing in this case. This is because as this paper records elsewhere, the key to managing people effectively is to understand their emotional makeup or composition.

The second step after understanding the emotional makeup is to work along the lines of emotional wiring that will bring the appropriate result, or as in this case, to prevent a potentially explosive conflict that can ruin the careers of the employees involved. First and foremost, knowing that Hsu is a problem employee in the area of relations, he should have learned to handle him from the very beginning. Alex Hsu being a non-team player should not have been left to manipulate his way in Vidsoft. According to psychologists and organizational behaviorists, Hsu is a bully manipulator who wants to have his way at the expense of everyone else.

Hsu, being a non-team player will probably get along with very few people. His inability to respect those he sees as inferior to him is due to his inferiority complex. Inferiority complex mixed with aggressiveness and arrogance is potentially harmful to an individual and quite destructive to the organizational culture. This is because an organization is supposed to function as a family and when one cog is out of line, the whole setup is potentially doomed (Miner 2005, pp. 47). Babatunde could have prevented the conflict by moving Hsu to the division without a manager.

Only that he should have done it before Alex came to him. This is because Hsu being of average ability but taking an exaggerated view of his abilities can not be able to respect Li. Not because she is lacking in her abilities, but because Hsu cannot find within himself to respect her because he thinks that she is undeserving because she does not have a background in computers or science for that matter.

Li is of submissive character that is why she breaks down when they have the meetings between the three of them. Although she scores high on other leadership areas, this is an area that she fails miserably and one that can derail her career and the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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