Essays on Media Relations 2 Assignment

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Media RelationsLaunching the programmeWe are very glad to get a green signal for our TV programme on the best museums in 12 countries. This will be aired on the “Travel & Living” channel. We have come a long way to reach to this point but we need to understand that this is the beginning of our journey. We are very fortunate to have got the leading mobile phones company of the world, Nokia, as our sponsors. This puts us in a very prominent position. With a big sponsor comes in big money and big name.

We need to utilize it to the hilt. For this we need the right kick-off of the programme. Why press conference To launch our programme with a bang we need to get everybody’s attention. The most important people we need to reach out to, is the audience. It is the number of people who watch a particular programme on television that determines its commercial success. Apart from our sponsors we would need many more spot advertisements. The bigger is our viewer’s numbers bigger will be the airtime of the commercials.

A press conference is the most effective way to get wide media coverage and get people’s attention. This will give the initial boost to the programme. Getting the maximum from the press conference Holding a press conference will please our sponsors also who will also gain the footage, much to their delight. The press conference is meant to give out information regarding our programme in a very effective way to create curiosity about the programme without divulging too much and killing the curiosity. The undercurrent of the programme should be ‘a feel good’ factor for the participants.

They should feel really important and honoured to be present at the event and would like to reciprocate it by providing adequate media coverage. There would be a lavish luncheon spread for the participants. It may not sound too sophisticated but the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We should not miss out on that front. The best dayThis programme will be held on a Wednesday which a mid-week day. Wednesday is suitable to most of the people from the media.

This also gives us opportunity to follow up on the guest list on Monday and Tuesday. Attending the conference on Wednesday, gives them ample time to put in our coverage in the weekend issue which has highest readership. We will be inviting other TV channels also as they can use cross promotion for our programme. This is becoming quite prevalent now and we must go for it. This will help us get the maximum benefit from the press conference. Media Contact listNews papersDaily ExpressNews Editor/ ReporterConservative tabloidDaily mail, Evening StandardNews Editor/ ReporterConservative Tabloid and evening newspaperGuardian, ObserverNews Editor/ ReporterTop quality Daily & weeklyDaily StarNews Editor/ ReporterRight-wing tabloid, sensational pictures The Sun, News of the WorldNews Editor/ ReporterSensational Headline TabloidReutersNews Editor/ ReporterWorld news agencyEconomistNews Editor/ ReporterPolitical & economic newsFinancial TimesNews Editor/ ReporterGlobal Business & politics paper Daily TelegraphNews Editor/ ReporterConservative news paperSunday PeopleNews Editor/ ReporterCelebrity newsPrivate EyeNews Editor/ ReporterGossip and investigative magazineSpectator, weeklyNews Editor/ ReporterConservative weeklyTimesNews Editor/ ReporterSlightly conservative national dailyIndependentNews Editor/ ReporterInternational coverageLiberalNews Editor/ ReporterLiterary & political Magazine Western MailNews Editor/ ReporterMajor Welsh paperBelfast TelegraphNews Editor/ ReporterNorth Ireland paperTV channelsBBC 1Programme ExecutiveCovers entire UKBBC 2Programme ExecutiveCovers EnglandBBC NewsProgramme ExecutivePrime News ChannelCBBCProgramme ExecutiveChildren’s entertainmentITV 1Programme ExecutiveEntertainment TVChannel 4Programme ExecutiveEntertainmentFiveProgramme ExecutiveFactual & Drama showsITNProgramme ExecutiveBritish Television News siteSky NewsProgramme ExecutiveNews ChannelE4Programme ExecutiveEntertainment More 4Programme ExecutiveNews & dramaS4CProgramme ExecutiveCovers Cymru/ WalesEvent checklist 15 days before the event - Sending invitation letters to the guests7 days before the event - Following up on phone and extending a personal invitation2 days before the event – Personal call to get confirmationsDay of the event8.00 am Event management team to reach the venue check the seating arrangement, sound system, security arrangement, tea- coffee- soft drinks- water, catering. 8.30 am Prepare the presentation equipment, get the registration desk ready, put the guest list, hand out brochures and gifts at the registration desk. 10.00 am Guests start arriving, lead them to the registration desk and then to the tea area.

Soft music in background. 10.45 am Guests take their seats. 11.00 am Press conference starts. Format of the event Participants – Press and Television journalists, Sponsors – Nokia – Managing Director (? ), Marketing Manager, Regional Head, Vice president. Travel& Living Channel Director, Assistant Director, Programme executives. Local Councilor, Member of Parliament, Information and broadcasting MinisterLocal NGO president, executive body, childrenA celebrity from the film/television industry who will be the host of the first episodeOur Chairman, vice-president, marketing manager (MC/master of ceremonies)Marketing managers of the travel houses and from the hospitality industry

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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