Essays on Media Relations - Launching the Programme Assignment

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The paper "Media Relations - Launching the Programme" is a perfect example of a finance and accounting assignment. We are very glad to get a green signal for our TV programme on the best museums in 12 countries. This will be aired on the “ Travel & Living” channel. We have come a long way to reach this point but we need to understand that this is the beginning of our journey. We are very fortunate to have got the leading mobile phones company in the world, Nokia, as our sponsors. This puts us in a very prominent position.

A big sponsor comes in big money and big name. We need to utilize it to the hilt. For this, we need the right kick-off of the programme. Why press conference To launch our programme with a bang we need to get everybody’ s attention. The most important people we need to reach out to is the audience. It is the number of people who watch a particular programme on television that determines its commercial success. Apart from our sponsors, we would need many more spot advertisements.

The bigger is our viewer’ s numbers bigger will be the airtime of the commercials. A press conference is the most effective way to get wide media coverage and get people’ s attention. This will give the initial boost to the programme. Getting the maximum from the press conference Holding a press conference will please our sponsors also who will also gain the footage, much to their delight. The press conference is meant to give out information regarding our programme in a very effective way to create curiosity about the programme without divulging too much and killing the curiosity.

The undercurrent of the programme should be ‘ a feel good’ factor for the participants. They should feel really important and honoured to be present at the event and would like to reciprocate it by providing adequate media coverage. There would be a lavish luncheon spread for the participants. It may not sound too sophisticated but the way to a man’ s heart is through his stomach. We should not miss out on that front.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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