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Facility background The Oakleigh Golf Club is an example of the most exciting locations for recreational activities such as playing golf in Australia. The golf club is located in Melbourne, Australia, and offers an excellent golfing experience for golf enthusiasts in Australia. Due to its proximity to the main towns, it can be easily reached by the residents of the city. The advantage of the golf club is that it is able to meet the requirements of groups of people with various golfing needs such as handicapped players as well as normal players.

The Golf club was formed in 1979 and is a member of the Victorian Golf Club. Members of the golf club meet every Saturday so that they can play 18 holes at the picturesque. The club has lush fairways, flat tees as well as well-maintained greens. The pavilion enables spectators to watch golfing events with comfort and offers a pleasing environment resulting from improved vegetation cover. However, the management of the club has realized that there is a need to increase the use of the facility. The Oakleigh Golf Club was created in its current location because of the fact that the surrounding soil is sandy and the place does not experience drainage problems during rainy seasons.

This implies that it can be used all year-round. The existence of a natural terrain that makes use of heather, mounding and the existence of bankers creates an exciting scene for playing golf. The management of the club has been involved in the efforts to improve the capability of the club to host more competitive golf events through investment in assets over recent years.

Furthermore, it has been observed that there are trees that have grown tall in some areas as well as increased growth of grass in some sections of the court. The terrain has also been rugged as a result of a lack of adequate maintenance practices. The number of holes is also not adequate to enable the golf club to achieve its capacity in the provision of golfing services. Thus, it has been necessary for the club to create the 10th hole. The main areas that have been benchmarked for improvement include the clubhouse, chipping area, practice bunker, parking area, creation of a 10th hole, and the pitches where the actual golfing activities take place.

The clubhouse is the main area that has been of great focus. This is because it serves a number of functions such as providing changing rooms for players, toilets for both players and attendants of events as well as a kitchen where foods to be provided to guests can be prepared. The improvement of the clubhouse is anticipated to contribute towards an improvement in the capacity of the golf club to host major events.

However, the golf course is equally important in this improvement process and its demands cannot be neglected. In this paper, a plan is made on the activities that will be important in improving the functionality of the clubhouse facility as well as an improvement in the golf course and construction of a 10th hole.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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