Essays on Project Management Office - Five PMO Models for Project Management Case Study

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The paper “ Project Management Office - Five PMO Models for Project Management”   is a   spectacular example of case study on management. Attached below is the report you requested. The report analyses a complex IT project named AIBA at the eCourier company. The report gives an overview of the company, the literature review, the possible recommendation, and conclusions. The analysis depends on if the project will be applied and implemented in the company. PMO (Project Management Office) is an undeveloped and unfamiliar phenomenon in the industry. The function, aim, and importance of PMO has remained questioned by various organizations.

In spite of that, PMO happens to the department that handles the largest number of projects in many bigger organizations and has a summary of the projects of the entire organization. Today the questions remain, why is PMO implemented in institutions? What are the problems faced in executing Project Management Office? And how can the factors affecting PMO be solved for future benefits? To find answers to these questions, an intensive theoretic study was carried out. Then a case study about the multi-project organization was done.

The study offered insight and an understanding of how PMO works in actual life. From both a practical and theoretical point of view, it was simple to give opinions on the research questions presented by combining the data collected. It was evident from the study that the theory differs from the real-life functionality of this entity. Within organizations, PMO can be found in numerous variations and forms but are not easy to be identified. The aims of PMO among organizations are variable but highly valued those organizations involved in the idea of PMO.

According to the case study results, PMO is a long-living entity, though its implementation can be a challenging task, PMO can easily be realized if it is properly executed with the organizational properties. 1.0 Organizational contextThe first stage is to examine the theory of PMO and review why, and how the implementation of PMO can be done in an international organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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