Essays on Strategic Management: SARAM Airlines Case Study

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The paper "Strategic Management: SARAM Airlines" is a great example of a case study on management. SARAM Airlines is a regional air flight that provides air services to cities and towns with a small population. It has been in operation for the last four years with reports stating that over 1.2 million customers have used the services from the company. Apparently, an average of 300, 000 customers using Saram’ s services per year is actually an extreme figure that at one point it may stretch the company’ s resources and facilities as well. At the moment, the company is doing fairly well in the stock market while recording an average net profit of between $ 114, 000 and $ 135, 000 per year.

However, the fall in profit margin in the last quarter of the year was due to a rise in operating expenses from $ 1,998,828 to $ 2,109,810. The reason was barely the economic boom that blew globally. However, some of the plans/objectives that involve improvement of environmental stance have not been fully fixed and this was expected to be done before the end of the quarter.

Therefore, a generic strategy perhaps it ought to be adopted. This inevitably will lead to change both in the corporate structure of leadership as well as their responsibilities. Corporate Governance The top-down approach will still be the main management style for the company considering the fact that customer service and organizational briefings as concerned. The three main management organs (Senior Management Team, Department Leaders, and Staff Level Leaders) will still govern the organization but at larger capacities. However, there will be definite roles played since the company is at the moment enlightened. The expansion especially in terms of global operations of the company will eventually lead to the recommendation of the addition of other offices/departments, for instance, the Human resource management department. The chart below represents various executive positions in SARAMA Corporate Governance The company at this point has expanded its corporate responsibilities therefore three executive bodies have been formed to ensure that there is inclusive exercising of responsibilities in the company as far as the strategy is concerned. Roles and Responsibilities President The president codifies a set of standards that will support the board of SARAM Airlines. The president ensures that there is an order in focusing on strategic disorganized business in the company. The president also facilitates the development performance metrics that would lead to efficiency in service delivery in the company. The big role of the president is to ensure that tension between the Company’ s public policy priorities does not compromise the economic development of the company as far as the strategy is concerned. Director of Board/Action Plan/Business and finance The department through the director is responsible for the establishment of an evaluation system that will ensure effective use of the company’ s resources (finance and employees). The department also ensures that there is a blueprint for project prioritization and accomplishment of the short-term goals and objectives of the company. The department ensures that all the objectives and operations are met within the budget of the company. Director of Board/Operational, Planning and Development

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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