Essays on Migration Impact To South Australia Economy Assignment

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Table of FiguresFigure 1 Tourism growth in Australia (Australian Government 2010, p. 2)7Figure 2 Australia’s growth rate (Markus 2012, 4)8Figure 3 Components of the Australia’s population growth (Markus 2012, 4)9Figure 4 Visitors to Australia (Tourism Research Australia 2012, VII)9Figure 5 Skills from the overseas market (Service Skills Australia 2012, p. 23)14How Migration Provides Opportunity to the Hospitality Industry in Australia to Grow and What Are Those Opportunities1.0 IntroductionAustralia is renowned for its mining industry which is the backbone of the country’s economy. However, there has been the development of other industries which have strengthened the country’s economy.

One of these industries which is equally important to the country’s economy and which has been experiencing a high rate of growth is the hospitality industry. Under the hospitality industry lies the tourism sector which provides about $35 billion every year to the country’s economy, the hotel and catering industry among other recreation and hospitality service providers in the country (Workpermit. com 2012(a), p.1). For this reason, the Australia hospitality industry is important to the country’s economy. However, the industry is faced by several problems.

Some of them include the lack of human resources (labour), the lack of skills in the industry, the lack of a good marketing plan, and lack of investments in the sector among other problems. However, immigration of people to and out of Australia has the potential to solve some of the problems facing this industry. According to the 2011 census, 26% of Australian population is comprised of immigrants. In addition to this, 20 % of the total Australian population has at least one parent who is an immigrant (Workpermit. com 2012(b), p.1). Looking at these figures, it can be acknowledged that immigrants have a special place in the Australian society, contributing substantially to the growth of the country.

The following report will analyse several opportunities which migration provides to the Australian hospitality industry. 2.0 Background InformationIn order to understand the opportunities which immigration can have on the Australian hospitality industry, it is important to get acquitted with some background information on the hospitality industry in Australia, immigration patterns in Australia and the relationship between the two. This chapter will give an insight into the three aspects identified above. 2.1 The Australian Hospitality IndustryThe Australian hospitality industry is one of the major industries in the country.

The industry is diversified. However, the two main elements of this industry are tourism and hotel & catering. Other elements of this industry include events, for instance the Sydney Olympics, and gaming events for instance tennis and golf. Looking at the statistics from the industry, it can be noted that it has substantial contribution to the Australian economy. In the year 2011, the tourism industry contributed $34,000,000,000 to the county’s gross domestic product (Australian Government 2010, p. 1 ).

As at now, tourism is the largest service export by Australia. The tourism sector provides direct employment to about 500,000 people (Australian Government 2010, p. 2). This shows that the industry is a major employer. On the other hand, the hotel industry is equally important in the hospitality industry. In fact, tourism cannot thrive without the existence of a good hotel industry. The Australian hotel industry provides employment to about 250,000 in addition to its contribution to the country’s gross domestic product.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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