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The paper "MNC Enters China: International Business" is a perfect example of a business case study.   Today the global economic power is getting concentrated in Asia where China is a fast emerging economy and a major contributor to the Asian GDP. China has already achieved the position as the largest economy in the world, outshining the United States. As a result, companies worldwide are eager to invest in China in order to take advantages of the country’ s huge market size and other favorable economic situations. This paper will evaluate BlackBerry’ s feasibility of entering the Chinese market and establishing a market for its products/services there.

Overview of the CompanyBlackBerry Limited is a Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company best known for its smartphones and tablets marketing under the BlackBerry brand. The company is also known worldwide for providing secure and high-reliability software that support industrial applications and Mobile Device Management (MDM). The term BlackBerry commonly refers to a line of wireless and handheld devices and services produced and marketed by BlackBerry Limited. The most recent BlackBerry devices include Z3, Z30, and Z10. BlackBerry smartphones are widely used by government forces and transportation staff.

It is interesting to note that US President Barack Obama used a BlackBerry device for communication during his 2008 Presidential campaign. However, BlackBerry’ s dominance in the smartphones market has been declining for the last few years as the company often fails to defend the intense competition from Google’ s Android and Apple’ s iPhone. It seems that China would be a potential market for BlackBerry Limited for several reasons. According to the International Monetary Fund (as cited in Duncan and Martosko, 2014), China achieved the position as the world’ s largest economy in October 2014, surpassing the United States.

Hence, the Chinese economy can offer a range of potential business opportunities to BlackBerry Limited. In addition, today companies worldwide are confident in the Chinese-centered manufacturing economy, and hence many leading MNCs have heavily invested in China. This favorable market situation in China would give BlackBerry better exposure to emerging global market opportunities.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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