Essays on Mobile Email/web Browsing Technology Assignment

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‘Mobile Web 2.0’Due to the high rate of technology advancement, the use of internet and online reading has been evolving leading to a high rate of internet use. As a result advanced technologies are evolving wits an aim of facilitating the easy use of internet services. The web 2.0 is a technology that brings essential transition from online consumers to participation online activities. In addition, the emerging and Innovative web technologies together with the development of cheap mobile devices have consequently facilitated the mobile web browsing. In this case, the use users can effectively consume the same internet web services regardless of the time, location and device.

Wohltorf states "that new sources of revenue must be identified and exploited, which are highly relevant to the end-user and utilize the improved technology". (Wohltorf, 2004). These mobile devices are therefore equipped with network access capabilities and sensors that provide interactive context and user community information. This is achieved through the presentation of a context aware mobile web 2.0 service architecture which connects mobile users and the community information through creating mobile access to the web services.

Today’s smart phones are multimedia devices or computers which come equipped with 3G and Wi-Fi internet connectivity. After stagnation in the internet technology due to the Ergonomic burst, Kleb 2.0 has brought redefined economic foundation is the internet economy. An area that greatly benefits from the internet technology is the marketing field through the internet as well as business. The mobile service industry has picked up the trend and it is therefore developing cutting edge mobile services on use context. These emerging mobile extensions of existing web 2.0 online applications and pure mobile web 2.0 services are potentials for a profitable positioning of the mobile operators in the value chain they are extracted.

Technology advancement has brought forward the development of the new wireless communication technology which has brought significant Change is the telecommunication industry (Siau, 2003). However, multimedia services and mobile data are viewed as the Key to success of the 3G communication technology. In this research the basic definitions used are mobile services, mobile web 2.0 and web 2.0. Mobile services are referred to as innovative technologies that combine various concepts and technologies from aspects of information technology and consumer electronics.

Web 2.0, as defined by Hogg, refers to the mutual collective Knowledge and the value added by dynamic and formalized sharing and Creation of use generated (outlast. (Hogg, 2005). Collectively therefore, mobile web 2-0 services refer to the general mobile services which are usually based on user generated context. They are mainly created through the mobile extensions of existing online Webs 2-0 applications or simply creating a pure mobile web 2-0 service which is specifically dedicated to the mobile networks based use generated content.

In our research we concentrate on the context – aware mobile web 2.0 service. Context-aware mobile web 2.0 service architecture. According to basic network functions, the information which is related to authentication and use context is collected and relayed to web services via a mobile middle ware component. This component serves the purpose of ensuring secure operations through controlled information access by a trusted entity. In this case the mobile operator Sim module can be utilized for secure authentication and billing.

This security solution usually follows the Microsoft passport Network model which allows users to login to many websites using one account. This is called a “unified – login” service.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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