Essays on My Personal Leadership Vision Coursework

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Introduction I have a vision of becoming the best person possible when it comes to friendship, team player, a friend, colleague, or citizen. I am passionate to become a leader, and this motivating factor directs my goals towards achieving the dream. The vision has made me choose the following characteristics as the ones for the leader I want to be. My Leadership VisionI would wish to be enthusiastic. I want to be a good leader in future by showing interest and great excitement towards my work or course. Enthusiasm will enable people to respond openly and freely with dedication and passion to me as their leader.

I will remain to collaborate closely with my staff team towards achieving the stipulated goals. I anticipate being confident and inspirational. To be able to lead and provide direction as a leader, I will need to appear confident as an individual and in my role as a leader (Adair, 5). Confidence will enable me to inspire others in order to draw out confidence, best efforts and trust in them to complete tasks however challenging it is. In addition, I aspire to be a trustworthy leader.

I will be a leader with exemplary character with utmost importance to others. I would wish, to be honest, trusted, and practice integrity by walking my talks (Adair, 5). Through trustworthiness, I will gain actual authority from respect for my good character as a person who leads my team. In addition, I would also wish to be committed to excellence. In discharging my duties as a leader, I at no time would aspire to be second because that does not lead to success.

I will remain proactive to raise the bar as well as maintaining high standards to achieve all round excellence. ConclusionThe leadership vision I have will therefore cover the above features to become not only popular that is admirable to the society. I will, therefore, work tirelessly to develop and strengthen a leadership role. Works CitedAdair, John E. Develop Your Leadership Skills. 2013. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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