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The paper “ Evaluation of Team Performance” is a forceful variant of the assignment on human resources. In 2012, Obama's Acceptance Speech at the Democratic National Convention (C-SPAN) reveals how Obama is a great leader due to the confidence in his speech. He articulates his words well in the speech, and this affects the Americans' motivation and positive impact on the issues that they are having as a country. By having confidence in his statement, he can effectively communicate his goals and vision of the nation to the Americans. Another quality of a great leader that shows in Obama's speech is the sense of humor.

While starting his speech he thanks the Americans and jokes about his daughter who should attend school tomorrow morning despite the excitement of the Acceptance speech. This humor goes a long way to motivate Americans to remain active and work hard for the success of the nation. Mitt Romney's Acceptance SpeechIn Mitt Romney's Acceptance Speech at the Republican National Convention in 2012, the leader comes out as a leader who has a characteristic of being a good communicator. In his speech, he communicates very well to the delegates and shares his ideas and the goals and vision of the party.

This gives the Americans optimism about a better life in the future. In his speech, Mitt Romney has the quality of being an inspiring leader who makes his followers believe in him for a better future and motivate the Americans to remain loyal to the vision of the country. This will help the nation to work hard to pay the national debt and inspire the Americans to get what they deserve. Does your supervisor always makes decisions and handles managing any workplace changes?

Outline a situation where either your supervisor or someone else makes a decision? What was the outcome of that decision in your workplace? Diagnose decision making or action context and explain the concept of workplace accountability? Accountability in the WorkplaceThe employees in the workplace should handle the duties and responsibilities in the workplace. This will contribute to the well-being and the success of the organization. It does not matter the position of the person in the group. What matters is the responsibility that must be taken by each and every employee to commit to the success of the company.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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