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We often see many new products being launched almost everyday. Some of the newer products become successful and bestsellers that drive company profits into higher levels. The other side of the coin is there are more new products launched that eventually flopped at the marketplace. The ultimate lifeblood of all modern business corporations today is innovation. Product innovation results not only from research but breakthrough ideas from creativity and imagination that powers a firm's sustained organic growth (Cooper & Edgett, 2007). Below is the list of possible new product ideas from our brainstorming sessions: 1.

Eyeglasses with 3-D vision 2. Shoes that produce or exude anti-bacterial foot powder when pressed upon 3. Kindle with Braille reading capabilities 4. Cigarettes with an anti-smoking medication included in the tobacco mix 5. Home alarm system with bio-metrics features 6. Cellular phone with GPS features to locate users easily 7. Coffee mixed with various flavors of tea 8. A toilet bowl that detects dirt and cleans itself automatically 9. Blood-type kit that determine blood types using other than blood like proteins 10. A cap or hat with a second layer of plastic to protect against rain 11.

Candy with marijuana mixed into it during manufacture 12. Cellular phone with a dictionary included about typical text slang messages II. Pared down list of the best five ideas: 1. Eyeglasses with 3-D vision - The blockbuster success of the movie “Avatar” showed that moviegoers are willing to pay a higher price for the experience of watching new movies in 3-D vision. The problem is that theaters usually take them back after the showing to be re-used again by succeeding moviegoers. This increases the chances of some diseases like sore eyes being spread from one person to another.

Secondly, the proposed 3-D vision newer innovation will just be a strap-on device that will attach to eyeglasses with a grade and can be taken off with ease similar to eye glare attachments today; people can buy and keep them. 2. Kindle with Braille reading capabilities – there is already a Kindle with sound capabilities for those with eye or hearing problems like the text-to-speech features today. But what is lacking is a Kindle-like device with Braille bumps for blind people to read.

In fact, 4 South Korean researchers had already done a prototype on this one (Wright, 2009). 3. Cigarettes with Champix (anti-smoking drug made by Pfizer) – this may at first seem counter-intuitive on the part of tobacco companies to be offering a product helping smokers to quit. If they are really sincere about helping people quit smoking, then this is that rare opportunity to prove they really want to help. Champix is a breakthrough drug made by pharmaceuticals firm Pfizer with generic name of varenicline (Medical News Today, 2006). 4.

Blood-typing kit that uses protein markers – many people are often averse to seeing their blood taken (this applies to children especially who cry when they see their own blood) and using some other bodily fluid like saliva may be viable using protein markers like the one used in taking DNA samples today to determine the person's specific blood type. 5. Cell phone with GPS features and text message slang dictionary included – I got the idea while looking for the meaning of TTLY and BRB because I have no idea what these mean until today I read from this site their meanings: http: //www. internetslang. com/ There are about 4,000+ acronyms and abbreviations in use today and having a dictionary of these slang terms in the cell phone can be a big help to those not familiar with them and avoid the receiver from asking the sender what is meant by the text message.

Having a cellular phone with some GPS features can also be workable idea since it will give the users an idea of where they are at the moment. It will also be extremely helpful in some accidents where say a driver plunged his car into a mountain ravine.

Rescuers will know right away where to look for him if they know his cellular phone number using its GPS feature. Reference List Cooper, R. G. & Edgett, S. J. (2007). Generating Breakthrough New Product Ideas: Feeding the Innovation Channel. Ontario, Canada: Product Development Institute. Medical News Today (2006, September 30). Pfizer's Anti-smoking Pill Champix ® Approved in Europe. Retrieved from http: //www. medicalnewstoday. com/articles/53058.php Wright, L. (2009, April 20). Braille e-reader Concept Looks Like the Amazon Kindle II to Me but Offers More.

Retrieved from http: //www. loopygadgets. com/braille-e-reader-concept-looks-like-the-amazon-kindle-ii-to-me-but-offers-more/

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