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The paper "New Venture Marketing Plan" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Prioritize customers need: We avail our services of giving solution to customers’ psychological problems through online channels. For us to basically understand there a problem, we listen carefully and offer a solution. At the end of the discussion, we may ask our customers how convenient the find our services to be compared with others. Description of offering: Our services are time effective. Customers find a solution for their psychological problem through accessing our website where we shall relate them with registered psychologists.

Dealing with only psychological problems and the presence of a specialized psychologist enables us to provide accurate information to our customers. They can determine most of the social problems our children undergo at different ages. Through integrating our services with other internet social media like Facebook, the youth who are enslaved to the internet will access our services. Their social problem will be solved when still in a there relaxing mood. The fear of having a face to face conversation with a psychologist will not be encountered and their details will be confidential and accessible by only the affected customer. Pricing strategy: When pricing our services, we prefer the freemium strategy whereby we offer free services to our customer though we charge a premium in case a customer wants to use specific services or speak to our specialized psychologists.

We would also require our customers to pay a small fee for membership registration so that they can fully access our internet services. Time-based pricing is alternative pricing strategies that will enable us to correspond with our customers' will to pay.

This option favors services that are helpful to customers. The descriptions of services we offer to our customers are competitive and will make the customers stop comparing our prices with the low price anchor. Though our aim is not to maximize profit through our customers, it’ s important to be able to maintain our finance in order to serve our customers for a longer period or eternity. In our strategy we intend to use some words like ‘ small’ while mentioning fee to our customers i. e. we charge a small fee of $7 for registration. Validation testing: As a new business model, we will visit Abu Dhabi men’ s college campus request the administration to link our services with their website.

The best time for carrying out this task is during the opening period. The students are required to access the school website and register for their semester units. Two weeks later, three questions shall be mentioned in our survey with three answering option. For the past week, how many students visited our website for student counseling? Answers: A. more than 10 B.

less than 10 C. none After online student counseling, how many registered as full members? Answers: A. none B. less than 7 C. more than 7 How many customers wanted to use a specific service and what was the awaiting duration period? Answers: A. none B. less than 5. C. more than 5 After collecting and analyzing our data, we generated a table below, expressing our answers in percentage form.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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