Essays on Nicki and Nick - the Nicotine Addict Dolls Presented by Mattel Toys Popularizing the Harm of Smoking Case Study

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of the of the Concerned English 21 September Product Proposal Title: Doll of the millennium Date: 21 September 2011 Presented by: Name of the Student Name of the Product: Nicki and Nick, the nicotine addict dolls Mattel Toys is known for producing and marketing innovative and interesting toys for varied age groups. In that context, the products being propose that are Nicki and Nick, the nicotine addict dolls do have the potential to be the dolls of the millennium. The purpose of these dolls is to discourage the young teens from smoking. The design and theme of the dolls will be such that they will give a visual glimpse to the young teens of the harmful impact of smoking on the human health.

Besides, considering the positive purpose and appeal of these dolls, they are bound to attract the backing of the people parenting young teens. The proposed products are definitely bound to be the most desirable toys amongst the young teens. The overall product package will consist of two dolls that are Nicki and Nick and the toy cigarettes (these cigarettes will not be fit for human consumption for obvious reasons, but will solely be meant to be used with the toys).

The proposed dolls will be crafted from the appropriate synthetic materials and colors that will visibly respond to and alter their color and texture on coming in contact with the chemical contained in the toy cigarettes. The dolls will otherwise appear pink and healthy. They will be fitted with a small pump inside their body. When the electronic toy cigarettes will be touched to their lips, the cigarettes will get heated and produce vapors of a researched chemical, which will be inhaled and exhaled by the small pump fitted in the dolls.

The material used for crafting the dolls will change in color and texture on coming in contact with this chemical, thereby producing all the visible symptoms found in a chronic smoker, like dark lips, limp body, yellow teeth, etc (Rosiere 94). Besides, the dolls will come fitted with special effects features like coughing and wheezing. This change in the looks of the dolls, once the cigarettes are fitted in their lips will amply and visually convey to the young teens, the toxic impact of smoking on the human body. Nicki and Nick the Nicotine Addicts (Virtual Vagabond: Online) Besides, to highlight the evil associated with smoking, the general persona of these dolls will be more on the unkempt and disheveled side.

The change in the composition of the synthetic material used for crafting the dolls, when it comes in contact with the vapors of the toy cigarettes, will be such that it will make them appear very ill and unhealthy.

Besides, appropriate odors could be added to the toy cigarettes to emit vapors that smell like the stink associated with tobacco. No doubt these dolls will shockingly convey to the kids that smoking is not a good choice. Besides, the health conscious adults worried about the well being of the children in their family and acquaintances will certainly prefer to buy and gift these dolls to their kids. These dolls do have the scope and the potential to turn out to be the toys of the millennium. Works Cited “Fun Smoking Shoulder Dolls”.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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