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The paper "Marketing Audit Report - Nikon-D600 DSRL Camera " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. I conducted research on the Nikon – D600 DSRL Camera available on the Australian market. Nikon D600, a very magnificent SLR, has made a great entry to the Australian photography arena. This new entry is set to diversify full-frame photography. This is because of its unique and impressive features that would leave anyone awed. Nikon D600 is relatively light in weight. This definitely increases its portability. The first cameras to be discovered in the early 1800s were humongous and overly cumbersome (Sylvan, 2012).

The fact that Nikon D600 is relatively lighter makes it easier for street shooting, travel, and everyday photography. Nikon D600 also boasts of a locking mode dial. This is a new exterior feature that is unique to Nikon D600. Manipulation of the camera for different shooting positions is also eased due to the proximity of the buttons to the user. Under the dial buttons is a secondary shooting dial (Sawides, 2012). This provides for single, continuous and timer shooting with the mirror facing up. At the top of the camera is an LCD screen.

This forms an exquisite display for shooting parameters and flashes. Other features that palace D600 over the hook are the double SD card slots. There is also excellent Wi-Fi connectivity which calls for an optional adapter though (Henry, 2013). Nikon D600 also has a number of important ports. There is a 2.0 USB port that is instrumental for interfacing with other devices. Other ports on the D600 include the headphone jack with a diameter of about 3.5 mm (Sawides, 2012).

this is excellent for monitoring audio during playback and recording. There is also a stereo microphone input. The side panel also has micro HDMI and GPS ports. At the back of the camera is a 3.2- inch LCD screen for excellent viewing. The viewing on this screen is perfect in a majority of situations. It is a duplicate of the D800 looking at the same 921, 000 dot version. It has an awesome viewfinder whose field of view covers the entire area of focus fully. An additional feature of the D600 is the virtual horizon.

This is especially hand for architectural and landscape lovers. Beautiful captions of such scenes could be taken. These are the exceptional features that characterize Nikon D600. Below, I have described the target market for this device, its marketing mix in the Australian market, competitive advantages and the effectiveness with which Nikon D600 has met the needs of the target market. The Target Market Nikon D600 is a camera that takes outstanding low and high ISO performance in both JPEG and Raw files. It has high-quality JPEG images at the default setting and a wide dynamic range of Raw files.

D600 has consistent pleasant metering and white balance results. The camera is also of very solid build quality and ergonomics (Busch, 2013). The target markets for Nikon D600, therefore, are the full-frame photographers and those who want to enter the world of full-frame photography. They are saved the agony of a hefty purchasing price. Nikon D600 also targets other photograph enthusiasts like the skydiving photographers, the total D600 market in Australia could be segmented by the following aspects:



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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