Essays on Occupational Health And Safety (OH&S) Portfolio (HRM) Assignment

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Introduction Occupational health and safety has come a long way from its beginnings in the heavy industry sector. Studies have demonstrated that occupational health and safety is now impacting virtually on every worker in every workplace setting (Dorfman, 2007). Consequently, those who are responsible with the duty of managing health and safety affairs in the workplace find themselves with more and more tasks added to their portfolio (Armstrong, 2006). In the arguments of Sheedy & Alexander (2005), it is stated that the most significant responsibility of health and safety managers in the workplace is found to reside majorly in environmental protection.

In view of this revelation therefore, the skills inherent in managing occupational health and safety must be compatible with environmental protection (Ladou, 2006). Moreover, reliable study findings by Hutto (2009) have demonstrated that “there has been a considerable resurgence in interest in corporate occupational health and safety policy and practices, particularly for institutional investors”. In his study of 2004, Karen has revealed vital information demonstrating that occupational health and safety policy is equally important for the broader community.

In this study, it was discovered that during the 2001-2002 period, work-related injury and disease costs were estimated at $31 billion annually in Australia. Other published works have variously stressed that catastrophic events do occur despite strict observance of occupational health and safety requirements, consequently impacting severely on employees, investors, local residents, and the environment at large (Hopkin, 2010). In line with this discovery, it is the intention of this paper to investigate the varied impacts of occupational health and safety portfolio in HRM practices. The essay is presented by addressing four tasks based on different scenarios given in each case.

The first task requires the author to produce a fact sheet for XYZ Body Beautiful’ Corporation outlining its OH& S Laws and Institutional Frameworks. Secondly, a designed short handout to illustrate the main types of hazards in a common workplace environment handles Task 2. A critical review of an academic journal relating to psychosocial hazards in the workplace is required in the third task. Finally, the author concludes with the fourth task and a general wrap up of the essay. Task 1 The XYZ Body Beautiful’ Corporation is guided by certain OH& S Laws and Institutional Frameworks that attempt to explain the purpose of the occupational health and safety Act at the outset.

Findings from research done by [5] indicate that the OH& S Act No. 15 of 2007 was legislated to “provide for the safety, health and welfare of workers and all persons lawfully present at workplaces and to provide for the establishment of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health and for connected purposes”. Likewise, published works have indicated that numerous reasons abide for establishing good occupational health and safety standards[7].

Firstly, moral obligations stress that no employee and any other individual associated with the work environment should risk injury or death at work [8]. Secondly, poor occupational health and safety performance results in costs to the State and thus have economic impacts to many governments as well as employing organizations [10]. Other than the foregoing reasons, research has also consistently demonstrated that it is a legal obligation for organisations to fulfill occupational health and safety requirements to avoid clashing with the law [7].

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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