Essays on Application of Operation Quality Management on Selected Cases Coursework

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The paper "Application of Operation Quality Management on Selected Cases" is a great example of management coursework.   In a world of businesses and industries, one important aspect to consider is the quality of products and services they provide, and in which a continuous improvement of quality plays an essential role to the success of any company. Providing “ quality assurance” in different perspective must be prioritized first and the company must exert extra time and effort because it can also offer a great return of investment to the company. Total Quality The total quality must start within the organization/management system and centering its attention in providing higher consumer satisfaction.

The company must also handle changes by continuous “ learning” and “ adaptation” with constant use of the scientific approach. Basically, according to Evans and Lindsay, a total quality must hold three fundamental “ principles” — (1) “ Customer and stakeholder focus” ; (2) “ Participation and teamwork” and; (3) “ Process focus and continuous improvement” . Customer Satisfaction in Focus “ Satisfaction is an attitude; loyalty is a behavior” once quoted in the “ The Management and Control of Quality” by Evan and Lindsay and this should be the fundamental slogan of every company in order to get a much higher return of investment.

Satisfied costumers will be much likely to give their loyalty in which a company can get more than the profit of its product or service. Satisfied costumers can also be an advertising mechanism of the company since their loyalty can influence other people to try products or services from the company they getting satisfaction. This is why most of the managers are paying too much attention to enhance customer satisfaction. Southwestern University In the same manner as most managers’ eagerness in providing customer satisfaction, Joel Wisner, President of Southwestern University, also envision of giving satisfaction to people while watching football in the University’ s stadium.

Wisner is currently facing customer feedback indicating somehow dissatisfaction from the customer. He asked Leslie Gardner, Vice President, to conduct a study that will solve the problem. Gardner had already done a survey using a random selection of 50 respondents in every game last year, in order to assess the costumers’ perception regarding the overall quality of watching the football which includes quality of the actual game, costumers’ perception of the tickets as well as a concession.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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