Essays on Information Technology and Total Quality Management Coursework

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The paper "Information Technology and Total Quality Management " is a perfect example of management coursework.   Information Technology and Total Quality Management have considerably impacted on nearly all organizations and have been extensively researched. However, there exists a contradiction in studies regarding the relationship between the two, for the most part on the way in which Total Quality Management is influenced by Information Technology. This paper presents a review of such relationships. Introduction Production companies and companies offering services are endlessly seeking to improve in trade performance by employing different techniques for getting better quality, trimming down costs and raising productivity.

These measures comprise Total Quality Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Total Productive Maintenance, Just-in-Time, Manufacturing Resources Planning, and Self-Directed Work Teams. Empirical studies show that each and every one of these methods depends on information technology, in view of the fact that they operate as a response system to users interested in measuring productivity (Mjema et al. 2005). In addition, they besides provide a system to get a hold of express and more precise information, develop communication links, and smooth the progress of the execution of highly developed tools, structures along with modeling procedures. Information Technology’ s value for companies is greater than ever and its influence on international trade is being extensively felt.

Time and again, it has been pointed out that Information Technology is quickly turning out to be the central feature in perking up productivity and trimming down costs notwithstanding contradictory arguments from existing studies. Even if some studies point out that Information Technology had not had a considerable result on productivity or competitive advantage, there is empirical backing of a positive correlation stuck between programmable automation and productivity (Ang et al.

2000). Information Technology has progressed from a conventional secretarial back-office support course to a more tactical fundamental character in organizations. There is small hesitation that Information Technology applications have an effect on every one section and function of a company, for that reason, it is stated that Information Technology as well has got to impinge on Total Quality Management. This paper presents a review of the manner in which Total Quality Management is influenced by Information Technology. What is Total Quality Management and Information Technology? Total Quality Management The ever-increasing international business competitiveness has mandated companies to build up approaches to turn into low-cost producers and to make different their goods and services from their trading rivals.

Demining while in Japan, developed the concept of Total Quality which turned out to be a strong instrument of competitiveness. According to Magutu (2010), Total Quality Management progressed from a lot of dissimilar management practices and upgrading processes. Total Quality Management essentially entails the administration and control of quality all over a whole organization. Total Quality Management is a management move toward getting the better organizational performance that covers a multiplicity of themes both procedural and behavioral.

Different researches and authors have identified various dimensions of Total Quality Management but the key dimensions take account of top management support, personnel management, employee involvement, customer rapport, supplier rapport, teamwork, product design process, quality assurance as well as process flow management. Total Quality Management generally lays emphasis on customer focus and satisfaction.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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