Essays on Oxfam as a Nonprofit Organization International Confederation Case Study

The paper "Oxfam as a Nonprofit Organization International Confederation" is a perfect example of a case study on business. Oxfam is a nonprofit organization international confederation of seventeen organizations working in over 90 countries to find amicable solutions to injustice and poverty in the world. The company’s mission is a “just world without poverty”. Consequently, the vision of the company is to support its colleagues and patterns in countries that are developing in designing and implementing sustainable solutions to injustice and poverty. Additionally, the company mobilizes people to enable solidarity expression. The company is based in Oxford, England, United Kingdom. The company is estimated to be having 5,955 employees worldwide (Connolly, 2009).

Oxfam has an official organizational chart that is publicly available (see the appendix for the organizational chart). Some of the aspects of the firm’s operations that need managerial attention are staffing, employee commitment, and organizational liability. Therefore, to improve the overall performance of the firm, the company needs to work on staffing, employee commitment, and organizational liability. Staffing has become one of the most crucial decisions that Oxfam makes. The operation of the company relies on the personnel employed to execute the strategies and advance the goals of the company. Therefore, Oxfam needs to attend to similar tasks when turning to the challenges of maintaining and challenging a workforce that is solid. To accomplish the named problem, Oxfam needs to address various personnel issues like the assessment of personnel needs, recruitment of personnel, screening of personnel, hiring and selecting of personnel, orienting new workers to the company, and decide on the compensation issues (Connolly, 2009).

The company also needs to address the issue of employee commitment. Don’t care attitude needs to be screened among the employees. This is because what the employees do contribute to the success of the business unit. The company can only develop the commitment of the employees through communicating the importance of their operation, recognize the importance behind the recognition, and tapping into the involvement importance. Additionally, Oxfam is involved in various types of activities. Many of the activities expose the company to potential liability because of its omission. Although the purpose of the company is to serve the interest of the public, the organization tends to cause harm to others and therefore susceptible to claims of tort like the member discrimination (Connolly, 2009). This has greatly affected the performance of the company. The problems can be solved by setting standards of care for all the employees in the company. Additionally, the company needs to represent the relationship with the services of employees as they expect benefits from the offered services.