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The paper 'Change at Facebook Company Limited" is a good example of a management case study. Over the recent past, companies have embarked on changing the setups of their administrative procedures. This has been in a bid to see to it that they derive the best out of the changes that will take place. The changes, in this case, have been in such things as the approach into the market. The change is also in the product lines of the organization. Others have changed their marketing approaches and the reach of the market.

This is in order to get such benefits as of large-scale customers and to have a global presence (BarCharts Inc2013). Through the changes, the companies believe that they will be able to get even more returns from their operations. This has been the case with some companies. The changes that they have made an impact on their continued growth and existence. The change is normally a gradual process. It involves the analysis of the market and checking for the efficiency and the effectiveness of the change to the company.

This is where estimates of the expected revenues and expenditures are compared with the current results that are being made by the company. This also involves the checking of the impact that the change will have on the presence of the company in the global arena. This first involves consultation. This is where people and concerned parties discuss deeply how they perceive the change to influence to the company (Brown, 2014). This is where a decision is made as to whether to put in place the change or not. If they deem it to be favourable for the company, then it is put in place and the company implements it.

If it’ s not beneficial for the company, then it is done away with. A good example of a company that implemented such change into their system is the Facebook Company. Company History Facebook is an online social networking platform. It has its headquarters in Menlo Park in California. The company was launched back on 4 February 2004. The founder of the company was a college student named Mark Zuckerberg. He founded the company with the aid of his roommates at Harvard University (Dwyer, 2014).

During the founding of the company, it was limited to only Harvard University students. This however changed and it expanded to the colleges that were in the Boston Area. These were the Stanford University and the Ivy League. This change in the reach helped in the increase of the customer numbers and the users. With time, it later advanced to other students and other colleges. This made it increase the number of users that used the platform. Change That Happened Since the year 2005, Facebook expanded and was used by many high school students.

It was in this year that the founder of the company amid much protest and uproar from the users decided to open it to the high school students. This removed the usual trend where it was comprised of only the college students. The people who protested the change thought that it would become unpopular among the people (Harvell, 2012). This made them feel that it would stop being unique and become ordinary like the other social media networks that existed then.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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