Essays on Application of Organizational Behavior Models in the Coca-Cola Company Case Study

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The paper “ Application of Organizational Behavior Models in the Coca-Cola Company” is a meaty example of the case study on human resources. There are many factors that must be put in place for the success of an organization. The organizational structure of any organization is important in the growth and development of any organization. In any organization, balancing is extremely essential since it gives room for employees’ flexibility giving room predictability in the organization. Organic and mechanistic models positively contribute to organizational growth and production. The intranet gives room for the lateral exchange of information.

The utilization of leadership theory ensures that an organization is run in the right ways since there is a defined channel of communication between the management and the employees. Utilization of the five models of organizational behavior help in catering for organizational needs, as well as, employees’ needs. The supportive model is based on the law of supportive relationships that explains how leaders and other organizational processes must ensure maximum probability, which in every relationship and interactions linked with the organization, all the members should, in light of their background, expectation, and value, perceive the experience as one that maintains her or his sense of one’ s personal importance and worth.

The collegial models also deal with the employee's needs, while the other models (System, Autocratic, and Custodial), highly emphasizes the needs of the organization. IntroductionCoca-Cola Company is one of the most successful companies in the world. This success is a result of good organizational behavior within its structures. Organizations are of utmost significance in all facets of people's lives. The existence of any organization is scheduled by a set of organizational behavior.

These organizational behaviors dictate the way an organization functions. The organizational behaviors of any company dictate its contribution to the economy and its utilization of the technology. In the Coca- Cola Company, Everyone working in the company has a significant role to play.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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