Essays on Organisational Leadership and Performance, Change Management vs Change Leadership Coursework

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The paper "Organisational Leadership and Performance, Change Management vs Change Leadership" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   In management, a circumstance needing change must pursue a structure so that change to be performed fruitfully. According to Kavanagh and Ashkanasy (2006, p. S82), effective skilful leadership is as well an aspect that must be considered to help in the change process. Basically, there are diverse stages involved in a structure and also various paradigms may be utilised to successfully manage and lead change. Therefore, the change leaders’ role in sponsoring or initiating strategic organisational change has frequently been presented positively as the offset-image of conventional management roles (Bush, 2008, p.

278). Contemporary middle-managers are seen as entities without practical characteristics of openness, risk-taking, and flexibility to innovative ideas vital for managing or creating change. Still, there have been hardly any efforts to shed light on these offset-images, or the degree to which the roles of managing and leading change could in effect be complementary. Nevertheless, in spite of this novel knowledge of the complementary nature of management as well as leadership roles in organisational change processes, Gill (2003, p. 308) posits that there have been hardly any efforts to plainly define diverse forms of change agent roles, or to recognize a particular set of characteristics related to managing and leading change.

Rather, there has been a trend to integrate the change leader image into an only general type in addition to envisage the characteristics of managers as negating to roles of change agents. The report seeks to discuss the way that leadership has changed within the context of a globalized environment, over time. 2.0 Change Management vs.

Change Leadership These days’ business organizations are succeeding in the change process by building a capability through centers of excellence in Change Management as well as making the managers and leaders ready with essential skills to effectively manage their teams through change.   Therefore, organizations that have not proactively strategize and guide the employees through recognition and espousal of the new organizational change cannot balance the change and will eventually endure a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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