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The paper "Determinants of Job Satisfaction in the UAE" is a great example of an assignment on management. The article “ Determinants of job satisfaction in the UAE: A case study of the Dubai police” is based on a study conducted to identify the factors that affect job satisfaction in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In particular, the study by Abdulla, Djebarni, and Mellahi (2011) is aimed at examining the relative effects of demographic and environmental factors on job satisfaction among police employees in Dubai. Although the study is focused on the police department, the introduction section of the paper covers the role that demographic and environmental factors play in determining job satisfaction in the UAE.

The authors note that although many studies on the determinants of job satisfaction have been carried out in other parts of the world, little attention has been paid to the Middle East. In addition, Abdulla, Djebarni, and Mellahi (2011, p. 126) argue that past studies conducted in Western countries cannot be applied directly to organizations in the Middle East. The introduction is thus pertinent to the management and the advancement of organizational effectiveness in the UAE.

For instance, the authors highlight the limitations of existing tools for measuring the determinants and outcomes of job satisfaction (which is related to organizational behavior) and assert that the tools have a strong bias for western culture. To counter this, the researchers developed and validated a job satisfaction questionnaire structured specifically for UAE organizations. The questionnaire touches on factors that are perceived to contribute to job satisfaction in countries with collectivist cultures, such as the perceived social status of the job. This localized structure of the questionnaire can be perceived to enhance the reliability of the results of the study. Question 2 The literature review of the paper is comprehensive as it cites various sources and discusses a wide array of issues related to job satisfaction.

For instance, the authors define job satisfaction by basing on the description given by Spector (1997). They also note that job satisfaction is associated with increased productivity and organizational commitment – as discussed by Ellickson and Logson (2001).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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