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The paper "The Personal Development Planning " is a great example of a Management Case Study.   This paper is a reflection of my personal development goals and the progress I have made towards them up to the present time. In general, my objectives are still the same now as they were when I first conceived them, but through the academic year, the process of continuous reflection has helped me to better define my goals and understand them in greater detail. Through this paper, I hope to accurately depict how those refining changes have occurred, and describe ways in which I can use this knowledge to more effectively continue the self-assessment process and develop future goals. The most valuable aspect of the process has been the way it has obliged me to actually think about my goals and to develop clear expressions of them.

When I first settled on the MSc course in Business Administration, I believed I had made a decision based on careful objective thought. First of all, I have an interest in the business study, and so it seemed to be the best outcome would be to find a practical application for that interest, i.e.

developing knowledge and skills to obtain a good career. Business Administration appeared to provide a path to the widest possible knowledge in the subject area, which would provide me the greatest number of options for specializing in the future. What the process of reflection and self-assessment has done is helped me to recognize and clearly define my strengths and weaknesses in relation to that general objective. I can then improve on my weaknesses to pursue the goal more effectively.

Based on the areas of improvement I was able to identify, I was then able to form a personal action plan of three goals for self-improvement, which I have made significant progress towards achieving. These goals and the action plan that comprises them are discussed in detail in the following sections. Overview of Action Plan & Results Overall, I feel I have made good progress towards successfully accomplishing my action plan, but in going through the process of self-assessment I have realized that the action plan is not a set-piece, as it were; it will be a constant process that will continue far into the future.

This has changed how I would define the success of my action plan; since the plan will never really be ‘ completed’ , I would characterize success as: - Definable progress in each of the three goals from one assessment to the next, and - The ability to define new specific steps to take in each of the three goals, based on the outcome of the assessment. Because I recognize that the action plan is an ongoing process, I have found it helpful to think of it in terms of career planning and try to identify core objectives which will be relevant over the long-term.

One way to think of this is to consider my academic study my present “ career, ” one which will eventually change into a different form of work. How well I develop and follow my personal action plan will not only help me make the best of the present circumstances but help me better manage the school-to-work transitions and future transitions I will encounter.

Being able to define success, as described above, is one important part of the self-assessment process. (Hansen, n.d. )



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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