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The paper "Marketing Plan for Thomson Car " is a great example of a marketing case study. When starting out a new business in a relatively new place, Sydney city of Australia, a strategic marketing plan is very crucial. It will determine the success and failure of the carwash. However, for the Thomsons car wash to be well established extensive research has to be done. Even though Sydney has a lot of traffic within the city and a bigger percentage of 90% are wealthy with luxurious cars, a study of the area is necessary.

Areas to research on would be on the environment, technology, competition and the customer base (Douglas C et al, 2010). He should consider how all these factors will affect the business both positively and negatively. The target market and segmentation of these areas will be carefully analyzed. Advertising of the business is also crucial for it will create awareness of the existence of the business. All this can only be accomplished via a well fixed and examined budget to bear fruitful results. Objectives of the Marketing Plan The main objective of the Thomson Car wash is to provide excellent and modern carwash and detailing service to customers within Sydney and its environs.

Its aim is to attract customers who parting with money is not a problem but the quality is essential to them. To them, quality of the services matter; to keep their machines looking new and well maintained. Thomson wants to use the latest technology available in the market to rival the opponents. Furthermore, young car encaustics are more into technology to keep the machines in shape. This is because machines of today are more technological than before and only computer scanners may detect the problems.

Thomson’ s car wash has to insist on quality work from its workers. Major Marketing Problem For an investment like this, efficiency and quality of work are keenly observed by the wealthy customers. Quality work will keep customers coming back. Quality and efficiency will solve the problem of winning the trust of the customers which is critical for an enterprise offering services (Kerin et al. , 2006). Apart from that, the company aims at attaining a 21% market share after operating for 12 months.

To attain this target, they must capture a certain percentage of customers. This will enable Thomas Car wash to have an encouraging first-year total. Company Description Thomson Modern Car Wash Center is a sole trader to be established through a well-structured market survey. It has operated for the last 30 years as Thomson car repairs which have earned the Thomson's' a reputable name. The company will provide a modern car wash, detailing, car painting, tire polishing, and filling services to its clients.

The company will also offer indoor cleaning services to major car dealers. To facilitate these, the company will have a van to transport washing machines to showrooms. In the event where cleaning equipment will be hired or leased, the management will ensure that the expert maintenance team accompanies the equipment. Starting capital for financing the business will be through the family investment and bank loans (Douglas C et al, 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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