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Appendix ΒParticipant Information SheetYou are being invited to participate in a research study, which is a key part of my doctoral research project. Through this project I hope to contribute to a better understanding of the use and effectiveness of strategic management tools. My project has three primary objectives: First, to identify the strategic management tools used by firms listed on the Saudi stock exchange; second, to investigate the effectiveness of these tools in terms of firm performance as they are applied by the firms which use them. And finally, the study will investigate other internal and external factors that have an impact on the success of firms’ strategic management decisions. Apart from meeting the requirements for my doctoral degree, it is my overall goal with this research is to provide insights that will help firms choose relevant strategic management tools to help achieve positive results in general performance measures, according to the areas of organisational strategies, strategic planning, or control techniques within their businesses. Your participation in this research is thus extremely valuable not only to this particularly study but to the wider body of management knowledge.

Before you decide to participate, however, the information presented in the rest of this information sheet describes the project in more detail, explains exactly what your participation in the study will entail, and details what your rights as a participant are, and measures that are being taken to eliminate any risks to you that may arise as a result of your participation. After reading this information sheet, you may ask me any questions you may have, and I have provided my contact details for that purpose; I would be pleased to provide you further information if you need it, so please do not hesitate to inquire.

In addition, while I shall be very grateful for your kind assistance by participating in the study, you are under no obligation to do so; should you decline to participate after reading the information below, that is at your discretion, and I thank you very much for your time. In addition, please be aware that authorisation for presenting this information to you and, should you decide to do so, for you to participate in the study has already been kindly granted by your employer; thus you need not be concerned about any possible sanctions due to your participation in the research during working hours.

What is the objective of the research project? This study is investigating the application and effectiveness of strategic management tools among firms listed on the Saudi Arabian stock exchange. The broad area of inquiry is the relationship between strategic management tools and firm performance, and in order to investigate that relationship fully, we must consider not only the different forms of strategic management tools, but also an appropriate context by which to define firm performance.

For this study, the investigation will focus on managers’ perceptions of their firms’ performance in relation to their use of strategic management tools; the firms being investigated in this context are companies from a variety of business sectors listed on the Saudi Arabian stock exchange. The outcomes of the study will shed light on which strategic management tools are most effective under a variety of conditions, and will provide valuable insights to businesses seeking to enhance or improve the results of their strategic management and planning.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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