Essays on Interpersonal and Behavioural Problems, Scheduling Techniques Assignment

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The paper 'Interpersonal and Behavioural Problems, Scheduling Techniques " is a great example of a management assignment.   The statement by Heerkens highlights the point that in most cases, project managers have to depend on others to get the project work done. This is because most of the work is done by the individuals or teams that are assigned different tasks in the project. As the central point of the project, the project manager spends a considerable amount of time communicating with different stakeholders of the project. The project manager also leads the planning, implementation and closure of the project.

The manager is also expected to be a facilitating and flexible leader. Given that project managers are also responsible for project scheduling, they have an important role in making decisions regarding the different project activities. There is no doubt that project managers cannot do these things all by themselves; they need people to help them. Yet, delegating of tasks is a challenge because the overall responsibility of managing the project still lies with the project manager. The people to which tasks are delegated have to carry out the tasks as required by the project manager.

The challenge particularly lies in selecting project team members who are best experienced to carry out each task and empowering them to perform the tasks. 2. Richard Luecke says: “ Interpersonal and behavioural problems are the root causes of project failure. The art of project management is all about getting work done through other people” . Discuss. 
 The statement by Richard Luecke highlights the need for those involved in project management to promote interpersonal skills and team behaviour so as to avoid the interpersonal and behavioural problems that lead to the failure of projects.

This is because the statement highlights the point that interpersonal and behavioural challenges are the main causes of project failure. At the same time, it is indicated that project management involves getting work done through other people. What this means is that project managers have a role to inspire and motivate others to get the project work done. To achieve this, project managers need to work with others to ensure that the behavioural and interpersonal problems that affect the project are addressed.

As part of the management role, project managers are required to manage relationships as they work with others to get the project work done. This requires project managers to have skills such as soft skills that promote interpersonal communication and appropriate behaviour that focuses on attaining the objectives of the project. Therefore, the project manager must have the capacity to bring the diverse habits, skills, ethics and values of different people involved in the project together and inspire the people to work towards attaining the desired goals.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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