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The paper "Logistics Manager - Personal Profile for a Job" is a good example of business coursework.   Like in any other professions one needs to have and uphold certain standards and this seems to be a similar case for my profession as a logistics manager. Based on the various standards of professional practice and industry-related standards there are aspects that I seem to be excellent in and in others in need to advance and make improvements on them. I seem to be good at protecting the confidentiality of the workers, employers, customers and the suppliers and based in these I do not take the privilege of confidence granted to me and make use of it in the unethical manner (The International Society of Logistics n. d).

I ensure this by making reports in an honest manner. Another aspect is that I do not let my personal activities conflicts with the interest of my employers. At the same time, I ensure that the activities that I engage in even during off duty do not in any way discredit the logistics profession. Despite this, there seem to be major areas that though I have developed over the years I need to make improvements to ensure that I attain the required level of professional practice.

As a matter of fact, I will need to improve more on some skills such as my problems solving skills and good leadership skills. I seem to be lacking adequate knowledge in handling problems and based on the fact that is bound to work with a great number of people problems are likely to arise. In this regard, I aim at attending certain workshops and learning of the best way to handle issues for the interest of all the involved parties.

In relation to the leadership skills, I will also attend leadership seminars and take more leadership role in different scenarios. Through this will lead the various leadership skills and improve on what I already have. Additionally, based in the role I aim at achieving in the future I will need to improve on my interpersonal skills and this will help me greatly in leading the other employees in the company and achieving the required results in the most appropriate manner. SWOT analysis SWOT analysis which is also referred to as the SWOT matrix is an acronym for the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats and is, therefore, structured methods that play an essential role in evaluating the four elements of a business, person or a project.

By conducting a SWOT analysis one understands their own strengths and weaknesses and they also identify the opportunities that are open to them and the various threats that they may face. Below is a personal SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses Good at maintaining confidence Honesty Working ethically at all times Inadequate leadership skills Poor problem-solving skills Inadequate interpersonal skills Opportunities Threats Engage in seminars and workshops to enhance my leadership skills, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills Inadequate time since I also have another job. Stiff competition from my peers who have additional experience and qualifications Entry 4 Part 1: Career action Plan (750 words) Step Action Goal Start Duration Finish 1 Seeking updated articles on logistics management topics and attending seminars and workshops from the major players in the logistics industry. Have a clear and concise understanding of the merging issues in the field of logistics management October 16 12 months October 17 2 To improve my interpersonal skills I will seek various opportunities that enable me to communicate with a great number of people and the activity that I will engage most is in community and voluntary. To improve my interpersonal and leadership skills October 16 12 months October 17 3 Improve my written skills by taking up short courses and writing articles and getting critiques from my peers and tutors. To ensure that I gain the necessary knowledge needed and apply this in the future by writing a report in a logical manner. October 16 6 months April 17 4 As a manager, I will need to work well with the other employees and thus I need to improve greatly in on teamwork skills.

Thus, in the remaining time in the university, I intend to engage more in teamwork activities and aim at meeting new people from time to time and this will involve getting into activities with people I hardly know as opposed to working with those that I am used to on daily basis. Ensure I take up of nay opportunities that are available for me to develop my teamwork skills. October 16 18 months April 18 5 Investigate the available options, for example, a graduate certificate, degree or diploma or other equivalent professional qualifications that I need to be well suited for the logistics manager job in the future. Select the most appropriate qualifications and attend study to attain them. Jan 17 24 months (depending on course taken) Jan 19 6 Engage in networks such as LinkedIn and this will help me in connecting with people in the same profession as mine and through this, I will be up to date with the related professional organizations.

Through this, I will also engage in any upcoming events. Have a broader range of networks and more probably engage in areas with possible career paths for the future October 16 60 months October 21 7 Engaging in voluntary and part-time work in logistics management.

I will make use of the various websites available to attain these jobs. Through this, I will apply the knowledge I have learned and gain necessary experience in tackling future duties. October 16 24 months October 18 8 Since the job requires a lot of engagement with stakeholders it would seem valuable to learn the various skills that are necessary to come up with industry publications as well as reports.

I would make use of earlier reports written in the field and learn from those who are already practising in the industry. This will enhance the report and offer the required information in the right manner and an understandable way. Have a clear understanding of what the logistics industry and more so in regard to the publications and industry reports Nov 16 4 months March 17 9 The role also outlines that it is imperative to have strong knowledge on the logistics processes in FMCG environment thus I will work in such an environment for me to get the necessary skills to enable me in taking up such jobs in the future and to be better experienced. Understand the FMCG environment entails and seek further action in such an environment with the aim of increasing my knowledge in this area. May 17 1 month June 17 10 Engage in activities that show how to have high motivation and also engage in courses on communication skills.

This will assist me in my future endeavors in interviews and also in my future workplace when communicating with others and motivating each other towards the achievement of organizational goals Discover and attend relevant courses and more courses related to communication and motivation. Jan 17 6 months June 17 11 Source for information from others already in the field on ways of contract  negotiation and also in the management of 3rd party logistic providers.

This will enable me to handle such task in the future with a lot of optimism, courage and a high level of professionalism. Seek approval to be involved in upcoming contract negotiation to gain the required knowledge and skills in the best way to handle such negotiations. Jan 17 36 months Jan 20  


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