Essays on Penfolds Entry into the German Market Case Study

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The paper "Penfold’ s Entry into the German Market " is a perfect example of a marketing case study. Penfolds is a reputed wine company whose vintages have served in creating a loyal client base in Australia and parts of Europe. Its vintage brand, the Grange Hermitage, is one of its most significant creations, which has earned outstanding sales records. Notably, the brand’ s successes are down to several marketing strategies that have been used by Penfold over the years to gain dominion over its competitors. In this brief, an analysis of the company’ s strategies in gaining such a reputable marketing position has been conducted.

Besides, the company’ s internal and external environs have also been analyzed in a procedure that illustrates its weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Such analysis is targeted at evaluating the forts that can be relied upon as the company seeks to expand its international market by venturing into the competitive German market. However, these are preceded by an evaluation of the market prospects that exist in Germany. The other factors that have been illustrated in the brief are the actual strategies that should be used by the company in getting a grip in the new market as well as creating a reputation that would serve in helping it gain dominion.

Considering that the companies that currently dominate the German market are reputable companies, the brief proposes well-defined objectives and strategies that would serve in ensuring that the company neutralizes the effect of the domineering companies. Besides, a marketing program has also been proposed through which the Penfold company intended marketing actions have been outlined. This is outlined in the form of the four Ps of marketing mix namely; Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

By covering these details, the brief supports the proposals that been made in other sections. Overview of the Penfolds Wines The Penfold Wines was founded in 1844 by Christopher Rawson Penfold in Adelaide Australia and has since stood out as one of the most productive companies that specialize in the production of quality wines and other drinks (Penfolds Wines Pty Limited & Mills 2008, 12). The company has been credited within the past one a half-century for the production of standout wines like the Grange Hermitage, a drink that is favored for its combination of soft and hard flavors.



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