Essays on Performance Gap Analysis - National Drilling Company Case Study

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The paper 'Performance Gap Analysis - National Drilling Company" is a good example of a management case study.   National Drilling Company has to deal with the issue of high employee turnover as employees look towards leaving one organization and country and moving towards others. This has affected the overall level of assets base especially the human asset has made it difficult for National Drilling Company to be able to carry out the operation in a similar manner. 2. The manner in which technology is changing has increased the cost and pressure on the organization to have the required workforce that will be able to deal with the impending changes in technology.

This has increased the workload on the management as being able to find out the required employee or provide the required training to the employees to be able to carry out the work has become a difficult task. 3. Increasing legislation and health reform from the government which is aimed at ensuring that the employees are protected and the risk levels are reduced has multiplied the problems. This is on the backdrop that the National Drilling Company has to ensure that human life is preserved and being able to do so reduces the amount of innovation and development that the organization can look towards and has thereby affected the overall employee composition. Part B.

SWOT Analysis: External Factors Threats and Opportunities Economy The present economic condition of Abu Dhabi is one where the economy is slowly witnessing growth and has a low long term interest rate. The overall economic situation is one where there is a fiscal deficit and the taxes are low. This has been coupled by the fact that mining and drilling activities have decreased as recession which is prevalent almost all around the world has reduced the demand and made the process more competitive.

In addition to it, the present economic condition has also made companies reduce the number of investments that were made towards the training and development of people working in the industry and has thereby highlighted the condition of the economy which is slowly recovering. Competition The degree of competition for National Drilling Company is limited due to the fact that there are very few companies in Abu Dhabi which are as big as this one.

Despite it, the National Drilling Company faces competition from the other smaller players and international players. The problem has compounded on the grounds that the economic conditions are slowly recovering so at the present moment there are few projects which have increased the degree of competition as all the players look towards the same small number of projects which has intensified the degree of competition.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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