Essays on Performance Management (short Report) Assignment

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THE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PROCESS AT OMEGA INCIntroductionOmega is a small manufacturing company whose achievements depends on the sale representative hired by it is varies franchise dealers. With its growing business was a need to put performance management process in place to stay at the top against its competitors. The company a greed to support and partially fund the training programme for the sale representatives while the all the franchise owners were in agreement to establish performance management system, they together created performance management system in which, they conducted job description analysis and gave it to all the sale representatives.

“Franchise wide mission statement primarily based on the need to provide quality customer service, posted in all franchise offices and each franchise owner spoke to his employees about the contribution made by individual sales representative in achieving their mission. ” PrerequisitesThere was no proper Selection of sales representatives by Omega INC through implementing an appropriate selection process which, entirely left to the franchise owners with their own interests at heart. The values or mission statement of an organization usually indicate normal way in which staff should behave, or as organizational code of conduct, that organizations should take the leading role in promoting acceptable behaviour which will enable the organisation to achieve its objectives and use performance management to develop those behaviours in their employees.

On the other hand, promote long term sustainable success, competitive advantage that will act as a form of transformation to a highly specialized, skilled, developed and energized employee. There is a number of important prerequisites for proper functioning of performance management system in an organization that requires all levels of participation among employers and employees involved in an organization.

The employer’s support, motivation and commitment were important for building a sound performance working culture among the sales representatives across all the franchise. Every organization performance standards be definitely stated and understood by all staff and employees to make sure that there is achievement of realization of customer relations. The role of sale representatives is precise and concise for achieving sales quotas to meet the set standards of performance set by Omega’s sales target for high customer satisfaction.

And there be properly defined linkages to all departments, for effective coordination of the said performance standards in order to achieve their goals. To achieve high performance standards, open and fair communication across the board to motivate employees. Therefore, communication is paramount requirement for performance management for proper clarification of requirement and enabled the salesperson to understand the code of conduct or required code. Evaluation methods of important performance parameters are put in place to measure their outcomes. Consistency, commitment of recognition of high performance, unbiased application, recognitions and incentives placed within framework of performance management to motivate sales representatives.

Proper organizational training provided to sales representatives according to their needs, regular assessment and regular review of performance to motivate them to performance better. PlanningFranchise wide mission statement drafted in drafting of a customer friendly sales strategy which, gives priority to quality customer services as the major force in customer value. Usually companies struggled to set standards that would precisely indicate

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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