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The paper "Personal Development Plan" is a good example of management coursework.   The key to a successful career plan and development revolves around the periodic evaluation and review of the five-year plan in relation to changes in individual’ s interests, the industry, the course being studied for and field of employment (Wigfield & Eccles, 2002, p. 21). Reaching the point where you know what you want to achieve in your career can take time so your initial plans will probably be reworked several times. The important thing is to take your strategy as far as you can by comprehending your aptitude for certain jobs and gain an understanding of what employers in your chosen field are looking for. In life, one has to strategically plan everything he or she does to keep abreast with the daily demands result from work or family.

Even though the sporadic changes in spheres of life do affect our plans, we should take a leap of faith and not give up in planning our undertakings. Thinking of where we are in career path today, we have to plan constantly everything we do, for example, plans for dinner, weekends, vacation, the desired position of responsibility and organization to work for.

Proper planning yield success in life when reality dawns and we appreciate our best decision we have made regarding our career, business, family and future. Current abilities It took me almost three months of soul searching on what I could do to unleash my best and develop a formidable career path. Having consulted those who are close to me and analyzed myself critically, I settled on personal leadership competency, which entailed empowerment. Based on the test of performance I carried out, I discovered that I tend to empower my group mates or co-workers.

This is apparent regarding the way I work with other people, something that is evident starting from my cooperation with my group members in this course, also from previous ones. The fact that I tend to trust others and persuading them to accomplish what they are intended to do within a specified time seems an overhaul in my empowerment competency in personal leadership. Aiming to become a Procurement Manager, I have to be proficient with building trusting relationships, act swiftly, decisively and evade temptations of functional imperialism (Makowski & Clauss 2011).

According to auditor Mr Lim, procurement officers must be well instilled with the principles of fairness and transparency (Channel News Asia 2012 b). On top, Mr Tharman concluded the root of the procurement-related lapses was due to officers failing to follow existing procurement regulations (Channel News Asia 2012 a). Therefore, to be a successful Procurement Manager I have to take into account all these issues. Potential applications Employee empowerment is an element of modern management styles.

When I become a manager, I plan to use this style to allow my staffs to have discretion over their jobs. Regarding my immediate plans for development, I have already begun and will maintain to increase the level of interaction with others and make a decision that is impartial to all parties. This consists of directly addressing the wants and concerns of people and read books that will guide me to become a leader. I have already synchronized a chronic meeting for the councillors for the events we have planned so far.

These meetings are held fortnightly and are used as a chance to talk about common issues, and I have to make sure I listen and consider other fellow councillors’ opinions. The books that I have read and going to read are, Lead by example: 50 ways great leaders inspire results, Good to Great, Developing the Leader within You and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Lead by example: 50 ways great leaders inspire results has taught me that if I want to succeed in my new role I must study the history and background of the society where I originate from.

I need to know what the community feel and learn from them so I can be an instrument of change and this book is giving me some of the histories that people do not always share or may not be able to articulate and some of what explains the current reality of the town (Baldoni 2009). The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People educated me about the habit of “ seek first to understand, then to be understood” may be the most important concept that I struggled to learn.

Hence, I must constantly remind myself of this concept on a daily basis (Covey 2004). I have yet to complete reading “ Good to Great and Developing the Leader within You. ”


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