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The paper 'Personal Knowledge Management' is a great example of a Management Case Study. Personal knowledge management is a process of planning, acquiring, and sharing memories, stories, and ideas. It is a process of acquiring knowledge while at the same time facilitating continuous learning. The knowledge management process enables the self-discovery and appreciation of other people’ s talents. Without a proper knowledge management strategy an individual cannot be able to discover his/her inherent potentials. This therefore means that an effective knowledge management plan should facilitate learning of new ideas, information storage and self discovery. Knowledge management plan A personal knowledge management plan is a comprehensive individual strategy for the acquisition, sharing, and storage of new ideas and information.

My plan has been arrived at after a rigorous process of self-appraisal that has enabled me to discover my weaknesses and strengths as regards knowledge acquisition (Wagner, 2005). A personal knowledge management plan, therefore, is an aggregation of strategic problem-solving skills that are not only conceptual but hands-on (Edmonds, 2004). Personal knowledge Management journey Self-assessment process growth I remember one day when I was confronted with the challenge of delivering two assignments in the form of essays.

I was expected to write two essays in response to eight questions that we were given in the course of the week. The challenge of these two essays was the fact that it tested my ability to store knowledge that I had learned over the weeks efficiently. The major task in this case was retaining information in my memory for as long as I could. One of the oldest strategies that I used grasping and reciting information was the HSC.

I could write my essays and regurgitate them with little effort. This was an old habit that was more comfortable for me as a student. I had less than a week to learn the content of these essays and clearly this was time-consuming. After careful consideration and "consultation" with my partner (more like venting! ) I decided to throw out my old knowledge storing strategies and find new, more efficient ways. I decided to work on some prompting strategies which would help me remember more broad issues or concepts - I tortured myself by attempting to write one word or phrase summarising my paragraphs. This gave me some clarity, but I was also stressed on remembering the details that you too often forget in test situations.

I started to just remember the topic sentences for each paragraph of my paper and as I familiarised myself more with my essays and their structure, it was clear that I could retain the key ideas which could "bulk up" each paragraph. The test isn’ t until tomorrow night, now I plan to keep reading (no matter how much I struggle to stay awake! ) and hope that I can pull together a decent paper, that resembles the essays I regrettably had to leave at home.

I will no doubt let you know how it goes and work what worked best, I know there are others in this unit that are also doing GSBS 6070 so it would be interesting to hear about their strategies. Based on the challenges that I faced in this case, I have learned to adopt other useful strategies that would help me in the self-assessment process.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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