Essays on Personal Leadership Action Plans Literature review

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The paper "Personal Leadership Action Plans " is an outstanding example of a management literature review. Blake & Mouton (1985) say that Personal Leadership Action Plans to entail various factors that need consideration before follow-up actions are executed. Firstly, one should decide the starting point is taking into consideration the various components of the plans, the location as well as the responsibilities that relate to action plans. Consequently, documenting the aforementioned factors forms a crucial component of studying the plans. In addition, documenting future plans allows the planner to undertake a comparison by studying the positivities and negativities of the plans.

This documentation of the negativities and positivities of future results of the plans enables the planner to determine the future course of action and implementing the same courses of action in order to realize the set goals and objectives of the organization. After developing and implementing the plan, a system for monitoring performance and progress is developed to ensure the completion and success of the plan. This system encompasses the evaluation process as it compares the level of performance with the set goals and objectives.

In the event that there seems to be a deviation from the set targets, corrective measures are initiated to address the deviation. Pre-Planning: My decision of going back to school for my Master's Degree would be an example of this activity. My case is that of motivation by the employer given that he compensates me for costs that relate to my field of study and that has a direct link with my day to day assignment at work. In addition, several considerations need attention. These considerations should focus on the learning abilities, disposable time to attend classes among others.

While this is a positive motivation by itself, there are several other factors that must first be considered. These include: Costs associated with classwork Work schedule changes Family obligations Travel percentage and availability of computer use Costs associated with classwork.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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