Essays on Food Truck Business Expansion Case Study

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The paper "Food Truck Business Expansion" is a perfect example of a case study on business. After having done a comprehensive analysis of the food truck business and your business, in particular, it is evident that adding more trucks to the existing three trucks will increase the revenue of the business. First, the business has been around for a long time. All through this time, the company has ascertained itself as a reputable provider of high-quality banh mi Vietnamese food. The reputation has attracted a lot of loyal customers who are always eager to get food from the businesses’ trucks.

The increasing demand has created a large portfolio of customers located throughout the city. Further, the media has been helpful in helping the business to advertise its products. This implies that the number of customers will continue to rise in the future. The three tracks cannot revolve around the city to serve all the customers. This is due to the council regulations that restrict the movement and parking slots available for the trucks. Therefore, it will be beneficial to add more trucks to cover the whole city and reduce the movement of the trucks (Broadwater and Gorelick n. pag). Secondly, there is an increasing demand for Vietnamese food that the business specializes in.

The growth and dominance of ‘ foodie’ and ‘ hipster’ culture have skyrocketed the demand for the food.   Many of the customers are the youth who are turning to social media to locate the trucks and sometimes walk long distances to access the food trucks. Further, for the years we have been in business, it has grown and the current supply is dwarfed by demand as many customers prefer the food from the trucks Adding more trucks to the business will ease this problem as well as increasing the revenue.

As it presently stands, the perspective of the business may attract new entrants and bring fierce competition to the business as people will opt to get food from the nearby truck. Further, the craze has been extended to midnight hours, which is more profitable for the business. Therefore, it is important that we add more trucks to serve more people and utilize the business opportunity (Hughes n. pag). Thirdly, the specialty of the business as a high-quality Vietnamese food seller has distinguished the business and helped reduce the competition.

Other businesses in the town specialize in Mexican food which is not popular. Restaurants serving Vietnamese foods are not as popular as the trucks (Sugarman n. pag). By introducing more trucks, it will be possible for the business to take the restaurants’ customers and increase the market share. Further, all trucks in the business operate at a profit, which indicates the potential of the business. Adding more trucks to the business will increase the revenue of the business. Fourthly, despite the threat of the new regulations pertaining to access to operating licenses, the business has no problem.

The business will do with the help of Roseanne Diaz, one of the councilpersons to get the licenses. After the financial support and voting for her, the business will expect her to help with obtaining council licenses and reducing the number of check-ups that food trucks are subjected to. The new regulations will also bare new entrants, thus leaving the market for the business.

Introducing new trucks will utilize the opportunity (Broadwater and Gorelick n. pag). Having worked as a manager for the best performing truck, I feel I have the ability to manage the whole fleet successfully. The success of my truck comes from the ability to plan to route through the use of social media and websites. Once I become the manager, I will have time to plan the routes of the whole fleet successfully as I have done with the Middle route truck for years. I have also gained useful experience in the business having worked here since the business started.

It will also reduce the role burden and release you to attend to food matters.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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