Essays on PEST(LE) Analysis For Virgin Media Inc. (UK) Assignment

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IntroductionOrganizations continuously look towards devising ways through which they are able to understand the external factors and the influence this factors have on the working culture. This helps businesses to develop strategies according to the market requirements and helps to keep ahead of competition. This report looks into the strategies and methods adopted by Virgin Media Inc for its growth and the manner the external factors have an influence on the working of the organization. This thereby helps to understand the manner in which Virgin Media Inc which deals in mobile phones, fixed telephone lines, internet and television is able to deal with it so that the business flourishes.

Reasons for Company GrowthVirgin Media Inc has ensured that they diversify their risk by having different products in their portfolio which has aided in the growth of their business. The company along with the development of new products and services has developed new ideas, and strategies based on the external environment and has looked towards including those in their planning process has ensured that they have a slight edge when compared to their competitors.

The company has also looked towards huge investments in emerging markets which will further help Virgin Media Inc to ensure better strategies for the future and develop markets which will help to diversify risk and ensure an opportunity to grow their business. Virgin Media Inc has also looked towards developing their team where there are people who are both problem solver and critical thinker. This has helped Virgin Media Inc to make new transitions and confront the changes so that new possibilities and opportunities can be identified.

This has helped Virgin Media Inc to develop strategies where they are able to understand the customer wants and based on it develop their products and services so that customer satisfaction maximizes. The company has relied on using its experiences and brand name at newer destinations and has looked towards having economies of scope in their operations This has helped Virgin Media Inc to ensure that they are able to save on cost which has immensely helped them to improve their business. The company has also looked towards the merger of NTL and Telewest which has helped Virgin Media Inc to gain an advantage in relation to infrastructure, experience and size of operations (Virgin Media, 2012).

The company through this policy identified the needs of the customers and worked on four domain digital television, broadband, landline and mobile phones which ensured a first mover advantage and helped Virgin Media Inc to gain a large market share and develop its strategies of growth accordingly. Virgin Media Inc looked towards making alliances with partners like Sky, Setanta and others which helped Virgin Media Inc to get a ready market and was able to develop strategies that matched with the market requirements and helped the business to grow and ensured that they had a strategy which led towards their growth.

PESTLE AnalysisBusiness in this world continuously look towards using different tools to indentify the organizational change that the business is undergoing and PESTLE is one in that direction (Johnson & Scholes, 2002). This part of the report thereby presents the manner in which the external environment is having an impact of Virgin Media Inc.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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