Essays on Pet Care Products - Target Market Strategies, PESTLE, SWOT and Situation Analysis Case Study

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The paper “ Pet Care Products - Target Market Strategies, PESTLE, SWOT and Situation Analysis” is a   perfect version case study on marketing. XYZ is an international company that is engaged in manufacturing a wide range of pet care products specifically for dogs and cats. Besides food products, the company also deals in the design and development of complementary products such as pet feeders. The company is located in Australia, primarily Adelaide and employs 6,000 people distributed across its manufacturing facilities. The products of the company are categorized into two product lines that are, cat food and dog food.

All these food products are created by taking into consideration the nutritional requirements and life stages of the pets (Cheryl 2009, P. 102). This, therefore, means that there is the kitten/puppy food, adult food, and senior pet food for both the cats and dogs. The products are sold under the company’ s brand name. The company has 15 point sale offices in Australia and also engages in distributing the products internationally. Currently, there are over 40 countries worldwide that act as market destinations for XYZ products.

The company sells its products using a number of merchandisers, affiliates, pet supply stores, supermarkets, and online retailers. The company relies on its website to provide the necessary information to its consumers (Salzberg 2006, P. 1). Besides, XYZ also takes part in several animal welfare programs such as the XYZ pest for people initiatives and has contributed over $ 15 million towards these programs. This report gives an outline of strategies to be adopted and lessons that can be learned by XYZ so as to improve its market performance in the pet industry. Objectives of this assignmentWith time pets are becoming increasingly humanized.

This has made pet owners seek high quality and specialist pet care services. This demand has alerted the pet care industry through its retailers to become increasingly competitive in service offerings. Due to the ever-increasing demand and importance of pet care products in the international markets, manufacturers and retailers in the pet industry have been looking for ways of creating a balance between supplies and demand for the same. The major intention of this report thus, to provide an analysis of the global trends in the industry, with an overview of identifying key export markets such as China and other international markets that are keen on pet products.

Since the current local market and international markets are not enough, XYZ aims at expanding its international market outlets so as to increase its annual sales across the borders. The company plans to achieve this by formulating achievable marketing strategies and objectives that will help it achieve its goals. The findings of this report are intended for major stakeholders such as executives and consultants in the pet industry especially those dealing in pet food, veterinary services segment, pet supplies segment, and other segments within the pet care product industry.

In addition, investors, venture capitalists, and financial analysts will also find it of interest to adopt make use of this report. China is the main target source because it is a populous nation with a considerable number of pet owners.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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